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Starting in 1963, The Beatles released a yearly Christmas album to all the "Official Beatles Fan Club Members".  These were accompanied by a letter of thanks for the fans' support and best wishes for the holidays.   

For the next six years The Beatles released a Christmas Album to their fan club members.  Today, they are hard to find and information is scarce.

Here are the Christmas album covers and some brief information on each.  Click on the covers to see a larger version.  


Release: December 18, 1970
Label: Apple SBC-100
Producers: George Martin, The Beatles


The Beatles' Christmas Record [Recorded October 20, issued December 6, 1963]

Another Beatles' Christmas Record [Recorded October 26-28, issued December 18, 1964]

The Beatles' Third Christmas Record [Recorded October 19, issued December 17, 1965]

The Beatles' Fourth Christmas Record - Pantomime: Everywhere It's Christmas [Recorded November 25, issued December 16, 1966]

Christmas Time is Here Again! [Recorded November 28, issued December 15, 1967]

The Beatles' 1968 Christmas Record [Recorded separately, in the fall of 1968, issued December 20]

The Beatles' Seventh Christmas Record [Recorded separately, in the fall of 1969, issued December 19]

This album was issued only to U.S. members of the Official Beatles Fan Club for Christmas, 1970

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The Beatles Christmas Record

Recorded Oct 20, 1963

Released Dec 6, 1963

Total Time: 5:00

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Another Beatles Christmas Album

Recorded Oct. 26-28, 1964

Released Dec. 18, 1964

Total Time: 4:05

xmas3.jpg (63486 bytes)


The Beatles Third Christmas Album

Recorded Oct. 19, 1965

Released Dec. 17, 1965

Total Time: 6:26

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xmas4b.jpg (65357 bytes)


The Beatles Fourth Christmas Album

Recorded Nov. 25, 1966

Released Dec. 16, 1966

Total Time: 6:40

xmas5.jpg (86143 bytes)


xmas5b.jpg (62466 bytes)


The Beatles Fifth Christmas Album

Recorded Nov. 11, 1967

Released Dec. 15, 1967

Total Time: 6:10

xmas6.jpg (119289 bytes)


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The Beatles Sixth Christmas Album

Recorded Separately Fall 1968

Released Dec. 20, 1968

Total Time: 7:55 

xmas7.jpg (47778 bytes)


The Beatles Seventh Christmas Album

Recorded Separately Fall 1969

Released Dec. 19, 1969

Total Time: 7:42

Don't forget Ringo's Christmas Album: I Wanna Be Santa Claus - check

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