Idea by: Steven Sposato

Tribute Bands


While some of us have the talent to draw and others have the talent to write there are still some of us who have great musical ability. Not to mention the fact that they might even look like The Beatles. So of course the natural thing to do in this case is to find others with this ability and former a tribute band.

We have found two huge Beatle fan's (Nina & Joanne) who have fallen love with Beatles tribute band's Liverpool Beatleweek. They have decided to give a little back to their friends at Beatle week by creating a fanzine and Web site for all the tribute bands called "The Word Is Love". 

"The bands have all been very co-operative and are helping with questions, pictures and just about anything else you can think of to ensure that "The Word is Love" is chock full of interesting information and reviews of all your favourite Beatle bands!"

 "The Word Is Love".

*If you know of a Beatles tribute band, or are member of a Beatles tribute band please contact "The Word Is Love" so you may be included on their site and in their fanzine.

There are still many Beatles tribute bands that have their own Web sites and they are listed below.


Get Back


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