Yellow Submarine

A ninety minute animated film based on the song of the same name by Lennon/ McCartney.  Releases in 1968 by United Artists.  Originally opposed to the idea of the movie as they were unimpressed with the cartoons on American television, they allowed the movie to be made thinking that it would fulfill their movie obligation with United Artists.  It was later realized that they were required to star in a movie and it failed to meet their obligation.  The Beatles only provide a cameo appearance at the end and the voices in the movie are not their own.  It is the story of The Beatles trying to save Pepperland from the terror of the Blue Meanies. 


Film Notes

The movie premiere took place at the London Pavilion on July 17, 1968, with The Beatles in attendance.


Orchestration was provided by the George Martin Orchestra.


Although the song "Hey Bulldog" is included on the album, it does not appear in the movie.

Voices by

Paul Angelis.... Chief Blue Meanie
Peter Batten.... George
John Clive.... John
Dick Emery.... Nowhere Man
Geoffrey Hughes.... Paul
Lance Percival.... Fred
Ringo Starr.... Himself
John Lennon.... Himself
Paul McCartney.... Himself
George Harrison... Himself



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