Let It Be

The last of The  Beatles movies, this is a ninety minute documentary of the making of the "Let It Be" album.  Released through United Artists, this film shows The Beatles at work in the recording studio and in concert.  In sharp contrast to the previous movies, this film showed somber and at times bitter individuals.  The resemblance to a group effort is very hard to see anymore as they concentrated on their own songs and argued quite often.  The film climaxes with the "Rooftop Concert" given by The Beatles on January 30, 1969 on top of the Apple Building on Saville Row.


Film Notes

Filming of the movie lasted 3 weeks, from January 2, 1969 till January 30. 


As The Beatles weren't used to being filmed in the recording studio, the cameras were originally positioned at a distance and telephoto lenses were used.  When they became comfortable the cameras were moved in closer.


The movie was originally intended to be a television special on the making of the album.


George quit the group for 3 days after a argument with Paul over a guitar riff.  The argument can be seen in the film.  Filming was halted until George came back.


None of The Beatles were in attendance for the premiere of the movie in London on May 20, 1970.  Jane Asher and Cynthia Lennon were among the celebrities who were there to attend the opening.


The "Rooftop Concert" was almost edited out of the movie and used as a separate promotional film.


Mal Evans.... Himself
George Harrison.... Himself
John Lennon.... Himself
Michael Lindsay-Hogg.... Himself
George Martin.... Himself
Heather McCartney.... Herself
Paul McCartney.... Himself
Yoko Ono.... Herself
Billy Preston.... Himself
Ringo Starr.... Himself
Derek Taylor.... Himself


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