"Help!" was The Beatles' second feature film and was released by United Artists in 1965. The plot involves several unsavory characters chasing the Beatles through England, Austria, and the Bahamas, trying to retrieve a sacred ring that is sent to Ringo by a fan. It turns out that the fan is a member of a religious cult and Ringo must return the ring before he is sacrificed.  Unfortunately for Ringo it becomes stuck on his finger and several attempts to remove it fail.  The film premiered on July 29, 1965 at the London Pavilion to generally favorable reviews, and won first prize at the Rio de Janiero Film Festival in 1965.

Film Notes

After the initial filming at Twickenham Studios in England , the first location shots were filmed in the Bahamas.  Since the movie was shot out of sequence , and this being the last footage in the film, The Beatles had to be careful not to get a suntan or sunburn. As doing so would have made them look out of place in the rest of the film.


Being amateur skiers, The skiing sequence during the song "Ticket To Ride" included spontaneous antics and most of the falls were real.


George first became interested in the sitar during this film.


During the "softball" scene Ringo was actually hurt by the bomb that exploded on the field (he was overcome by the smoke).  He tried to alert the crew to stop filming but no one noticed and they went on filming.


John managed to give his 2 books a plug in this movie.  He recites a verse from "In His Own Write" and holds up a copy of "A Spaniard in the Works" in the bedroom scene.



John Lennon.... John
Paul McCartney.... Paul
George Harrison.... George
Ringo Starr.... Ringo
Leo McKern.... Clang
Eleanor Bron.... Ahme
Victor Spinetti.... Professor Foot
Roy Kinnear.... Algernon
John Bluthal.... Bhuta
Patrick Cargill.... Police Chief
Alfie Bass.... Doorman
Warren Mitchell.... Abdul
Peter Copley.... Jeweler
Bruce Lacey.... Lawnmower
Mal Evans....Swimmer
David Mikkelson.... Curling referee
Dandyl Nicholas.... The Neighbor


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