A Hard Day's Night


Released by United Artists in 1964, "A Hard Day's Night" was The Beatles' first feature film, an account of 'a day in the life' of the band. This film captures the true essence of Beatlemania and what the Beatles daily routine was. Shooting was completed in two months, and the film premiered on July 6, 1964 at the London Pavilion; members of the British Royal Family attended the opening. The film received favorable reviews and was nominated for two Academy Awards.  The Beatles were hailed by film critics as the nest "Marx Brothers".

Film Notes

The train routes of British Railways were rescheduled so they wouldn't interfere with the shooting of the film's train sequence.

The scene where the Beatles perform "I Should Have Known Better" in a train compartment was actually filmed in a van; crew members rocked the van to simulate the motion of a train.

Model Pattie Boyd had a bit part in the film; she and George met on the set and were married in 1966.

Ringo's loose, laid-back performance while strolling along the banks of the Thames River was no act; he had been out partying all night, and showed up for shooting that morning having had no sleep and still quite drunk.


John Lennon.... John
Paul McCartney.... Paul
George Harrison.... George
Ringo Starr.... Ringo
Wilfrid Brambell.... Grandfather
Norman Rossington.... Norm
John Junkin.... Shake
Victor Spinetti.... TV. Director
Anna Quayle.... Millie
Deryck Guyler.... Police Inspector
Richard Vernon.... Man on Train
Edward Malin.... Hotel waiter
Robin Ray.... TV. Floor Manager
Lionel Blair.... TV. Choreographer
Alison Seebohm.... Secretary
David Jaxon.... Young Boy who talks to Ringo
John Bluthal.... Man stealing car
Patti Boyd.... Girl on train
Kenneth Haigh.... Simon Marshall
Clare Kelly.... Barmaid
David Langton.... Actor
Derek Nimmo.... Leslie Jackson, the Magician with the disappearing doves
Marianne Stone.... Society reporter
Michael Trubshawe.... Casino manage

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