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So you want to know where The Beatles have been?  Re-live the Beatlemania and see where it all started.  There are several groups that specialize in Beatles Landmark Tours, Here are the spots you don't want to miss if you go on tour.  For a pictorial tour click here

London Area

57 Wimpole Street


Asher Family House - Home of Jane Asher, Paul's former girlfriend.  Paul lived here from 1963 to 1966.
34 Montaque Street


Ringo's former home.  John and Yoko rented this flat from Ringo in 1968 and it was here that John got arrested for possession of cannabis
Boston Place This is where the opening scene of A Hard Day's Night was shot.
Marylebone Station More AHDN scenes were shot here.
20 Manchester Square


Former EMI House location.  Photos for Please Please Me, and the Red and Blue albums were taken here.
Abbey Road (this seems to be extremely difficult to find. Click on the link for directions) Home of Abbey Road Studios - and the famous cover shot for the Abbey Road LP.
3 Saville Row


The former home of Apple Records and the site of the famous "rooftop session" in 1969.
Friar Park, Henley-on-Thames The current home of George Harrison



Penny Lane



Although most of the original buildings are now gone, Penny Lane does still exist.  Just a short way from here is Newcastle Road, where John lived as a child.
Strawberry Fields - Beaconfield Road John came here as a child with his Aunt Mimi to join in the Summer Fete.
251 Menlove Avenue


Home of John's Aunt Mimi and Uncle George.  John lived here with them from 1946 to 1963.
20 Forthlin Road Paul's childhood home from 1955 to 1963.
9 Madryn Street



Ringo's childhood home from 1940 to 1946.  He stayed with his grandparents extensively after his parents divorced.  Their home is just down the street at #59.
12 Arnold Grove George's childhood home from 1943 to 1950
Hope Street



Liverpool College of Art

John attended this school from 1957 till 1960.  John met Stu Sutcliffe here.

Mount Street




The Liverpool Institute

School that Paul and George attended from 1953 to 1959.  Now called LIPA-Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts.  Paul has donated time and money to see the school continue into the future.

Mathew Street A place in itself...


Mathew Street

The Cavern Club



Considered by many to be "the birthplace of The Beatles".  A must see if you are in Liverpool.

The original Cavern club was torn down, but it has been rebuilt on almost the exact spot.

The John Lennon Statue Across the street from The Cavern is this tribute to John.   
The Dooley Statue The statue commemorates "Four Lads Who Shook The World".
The Grapes


Club in which Pete Best drowned his sorrows after being "released" from The Beatles.
 12 Whitechapel

(NEMS Music Shoppe)


This is the place that perhaps launched The Beatles career.  An inquiry as to the availability of My Bonnie by The Beatles sparked Brian Epstein into seeing them perform at The Cavern 
Eleanor Rigby Statue


 A "Thank You" to the people of Liverpool for all the happy times spent in the city by Tommy Steele.

Helpful hints for visiting London and Liverpool


Balmoral Club (near Cable Beach) This is where The Beatles stayed during the filming of HELP!
New Province Island Location for the beach scenes of HELP!


United States
The Dakota New York City - Home of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.  It was outside this apartment that John was killed.

Tour Groups and Places of Interest


We’ve been working with the major Beatles attractions in Liverpool and have put pretty much everything that Beatles Liverpool has to offer, including Mendips, John Lennon’s childhood home as well as hotel bookings on-line.

The John Lennon Museum has been formally approved by Ms. Yoko Ono, and is the first such museum in the world.

Located in Benton, Illinois, 100 miles southeast of St. Louis, 285 miles south of Chicago, and 30 miles south of Mt. Vernon, Illinois off Interstate 57.


Hard Days Nite Bed & Breakfast
& Beatles Mini-Museum

...where George Harrison stayed.

Reservations may be made by calling the Hard Days Nite at 618-438-2328 or by e-mail to Co-host Jim Chady.

Magical History 2005 Tour to Liverpool, London & Hamburg !


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