The Beatles' Cartoons Season 3

Episode 34

    Penny Lane

The Beatles set out to foil a robbery so that they can win back the affections of their fans, how have turned towards a secret agent; James Blonde.

    Strawberry Fields Forever

The Beatles are determined to brighten up a dreary orphanage.

Sing-a-longs: Good Day Sunshine / Rain

Episode 35

    And Your Bird Can Sing

The boys are off after an exotic "musical bird"

    Got To Get You Into My Life

The Beatles need to take a break from their adoring fans, so they take up meditation in India.

Sing-a-longs: Penny Lane / Eleanor Rigby

Episode 36

    Good Day Sunshine

While at Coney Island for a holiday it starts to rain.  Everyone is convinced that it's raining because Ringo is a jinx. 

    Ticket To Ride

The Beatles show off their latest hobbies.

Sing-a-longs: Strawberry Fields Forever / And Your Bird Can Sing

Episode 37


The Beatles, while paying their taxes, knock each other out while throwing money bags around.  When they awake they are fighting the Sheriff of Nottingham with Robin Hood.

    Eleanor Rigby

The boys stick up for an old woman whom the neighborhood kids are calling a witch.

Sing-a-longs: Got To Get You Into My Life / Her, There And Everywhere

Episode 38

    Tomorrow Never Knows

The Beatles discover an ancient civilization after falling in a well at Stonehenge

    I've Just Seen A Face

Ringo loses his voice at the recording studio.   

Sing-a-longs: She Said She Said / Long Tall Sally

Episode 39


The Beatles try to return a prince to his castle before its to late.

    I'm Only Sleeping

John dreams of fighting a dragon after reading the legend of King Arthur to some children.

Sing-a-longs: Penny Lane / Eleanor Rigby