The Beatles' Cartoons Season 2

Episode 27

    Eight Days A Week 

While visiting a movie studio, The Beatles find a leading actor who forgot how to kiss and his leading lady falls for Paul.

    I'm Looking Through You

The Beatles are exploring an Egyptian tomb, when Ringo is turned into a ghost by a spirit that wants to use his body.

Sing-a-longs: Run For Your Life / Girl

Episode 28


The Beatles chase a fashion thief through Paris and up the Eiffel Tower.

    We Can Work It Out

The Beatles expose a fortune teller for what she is.

Sing-a-longs: Day Tripper / The Night Before

Episode 29

    I'm Down

Ringo knocks over a vat of wine that they must replace in two hours.

    Run For Your Life

    Ringo receives a blow to the head that leads him to think he' Marie Antoinette's consort, while they are visiting the Palace of Versailles.

Sing-a-longs: Eight Days a Week / Paperback Writer

Episode 30

    Drive My Car

The Beatles are enlisted to help a young race car driver win a race.

    Tell Me What You See

The Beatles are visiting a monster make up artist who alters their appearance with a special machine.

Sing-a-longs: We Can Work It Out / Yesterday

Episode 31

    I Call Your Name

Ringo is forced by the others to get rid of his pet frog.  The following day a movie producer offers to make a big star out of the frog, which starts a frantic search for him.

The Word

The boys are lost in the desert when they happen to see a Sheik's harem without their veils.  They are sentenced to be thrown to the crocodiles when the harem saves them and escapes.

Sing-a-longs: She's a Woman / Wait

Episode 32

    All My Loving

The Beatles go on a goodwill trip to India where they encounter a tiger that needs to be soothed with their music.

    Day Tripper

The Beatles end up on the moon ,after seeing a science fiction movie and being abducted by aliens.

Sing-a-longs: I'm Looking Through You / Nowhere Man

Episode 33

    Nowhere Man

The boys are flying around the countryside in a helicopter.  They decide to land near a cave that belongs to a hermit.  They become the target of his hostility, which backfires on him.

    Paperback Writer

The Beatles are asked to each write about how the band started.  The tales are wild and each one is completely different.

Sing-a-longs: And I Love Her / Michelle