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The Beatles' Cartoons 1st Season Part 2

Episode 14

    Don't Bother Me

Two spies are trying to steal the Beatles' book of new songs.  They end up chasing the Beatles who are on their way to a concert in Barcelona.

    No Reply

The boys are in Hawaii.  They are warned by a local detective of a "master of disguise" jewel thief called Anyface who is in the area.  All of a sudden there are 2 Paul McCartneys.  Which is which?

Sing-a-longs: It Won't Be Long / I Should Have Known Better

Episode 15

   I'm Happy Just To Dance With You

The Beatles are forced to abandon their crippled plane and wind up in an Italian street festival.  Paul wins a contest and his prize is a dancing bear that takes a liking to him.

    Mister Moonlight

The Beatles end up watching an eclipse with some natives after trying to hide from fans on a cruise ship.  They hide in a lifeboat that gets set adrift.

Sing-a-longs: Don't Bother Me / Can't Buy Me Love

Episode 16

    Can't Buy Me Love

After accepting a ring from some tribesman, John finds himself engaged to a Polynesian Princess.

    It Won't Be Long

John is reduced to doll size by a Japanese scientist's shrinking formula that he has poured in a lake.  After John returns to normal size (once the potion wears off) the other Beatles fall in the lake and it shrinks them.

Sing-a-longs: Anna / Mister Moonlight

Episode 17


While in The Beatles are in Japan, Paul is lured onto a ghost ship by a beautiful woman named Anna. The others save him before he can be taken to the Enchanted Lagoon, where no one as ever returned from.

    I Don't Want To Spoil The Party

John is leading The Beatles around a museum in New York. George, Paul and Ringo get bored and wander off.  They end up at a party in Greenwich Village.

Sing-a-longs: Thank You Girl / Matchbox

Episode 18


In Hawaii, John buys the group a travel trailer, in which they travel to a village that is threatened by a volcano.

    Thank You Girl

After being accused of eating to much French cooking, The Beatles are put on a strict diet.  They proceed to sneak off to a fancy restaurant.

Sing-a-longs: Roll Over Beethoven / Rock and Roll Music

Episode 19

    With Love From Me To You

A beach bully challenges George to a surfing duel.


A day of recreation is spoiled after a studio takes over the beach for a Mr. Hollywood contest.

Sing-a-longs: Please Mr. Postman / I Saw Her Standing There

Episode 20

    Dizzy Miss Lizzie

George is entered in an iceboat race by John and Paul, while The Beatles are in Switzerland. 

    I Saw Her Standing There

A jealous dancer challenges John To a duel when he thinks John is trying to steal his girl.

 Sing-a-longs: Ticket To Ride / From Me To You 

Episode 21

    What You're Doing

Ringo becomes an unwilling bridegroom after he wanders into a gypsy camp on his return from a fishing trip.


The boys spend the day at Coney Island, where Ringo gets followed by a stranger.

Sing-a-longs: Dizzy Miss Lizzie / All My Loving


Episode 22

    Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand

The Beatles go mountain climbing in the Swiss Alps.

    She Loves You

While on a cruise ship The Beatles encounter some stranger passengers in Cabin 13.

Sing-a-longs:  Bad Boy / Tell Me Why

Episode 23

    Bad Boy

A young boy is trying to team up with the boys as they are on holiday in the Swiss Alps.

    Tell Me Why

The Beatles find out that a donkey entered in a race will run like the wind when they play their music.  

Sing-a-longs: Please Please Me / Hold Me Tight

Episode 24

    I Feel Fine

The Beatles go to Hollywood, where Paul sets out to prove that everything there is fake.

    Hold Me Tight

George and Ringo save the Statue of Liberty from a suspicious character.

Sing-a-longs: What You're Doing / There's A Place

Episode 25

    Please Please Me

While in Spain, Ringo pretends to be a matador to what he thinks is John and Paul in a bull costume.  John and Paul can't fit into the costume though and Ringo realizes he is facing a real bull.

    There's A Place

The boys are blamed for the escape of a super-intelligent ape, while preparing for a television appearance

Sing-a-longs: Roll Over Beethoven / Rock and Roll music.

Episode 26

    Roll Over Beethoven

While preparing to set sail for England The Beatles find that they have to use their music to free Paul from the affections of an elephant named "Beethoven".

    Rock And Roll Music

The Beatles are booked to play at a Royal Reception, when they are mistaken for a string quartet.

Sing-a-longs: I Feel Fine / She Loves You