The Beatles' Cartoons Season 1

Episode 1

        A Hard Days Night

         The Beatles music is enough to awaken the dead as they go off to rehearse in a Transylvanian castle when the studio gets to crowded .

        I Want To Hold Your Hand

The Beatles are on an ocean liner and being pursued by screaming girls.  The narrator helps out by giving away all the Beatles hiding spots.  They finally escape by jumping in a diving bell, only to be lowered to the bottom of the sea.  They are saved only after they help out a love sick octopus.

Sing-a-longs:  Not a Second Time / Devil in Her Heart


Episode 2

        Do You Want To Know A Secret

The Beatles are on a well earned holiday in Ireland.  A female leprechaun appears in the middle of the night and shows them her special opt of gold, which turns out not to be what they expect.

If I Fell 

An episode involving a female mad scientist who plans to bring her Frankenstein-like monster to life.  The only thing she needs is the brain of a beetle. Her assistant brings her John Lennon and exclaims "He is the brains of the Beatles".  John manages to escape.

Sing-a-longs:  A Hard Day's Night / I Want To Hold Your Hand


Episode 3

    Please Mr Postman

The Beatles are getting ready for a performance when a postman arrives.  He delivers them a letter from the Liverpool Light Company, saying that their account is overdue.  Then all the lights at the concert venue go out.

    Devil In Her Heart

When Ringo wanders off from a picnic in Transylvania he ends up at an old witches house.  She proceeds to fall in love with him and brew's a love potion to give him.  George arrives just in time to save Ringo and knocks the witch in her batch of brew.

Sing-a-longs: If I Fell / Do You Want To Know A Secret

Episode 4

    Not A Second Time

The Beatles are greeted at the airport by a huge crown of fans.  They abandon the plane and join up with their friend Alan Watermain.  (Alan Watermain is the only non-Beatle character to have a recurring role in the cartoons)

by Christopher Cook

    Slow Down

An old western town renames itself to Ringo Ravine in honor of The Beatles visit.  Ringo gets stuck on a runaway horse.

Sing-a-longs: Baby's In Black / Misery

Episode 5

    Baby's In Black

The Beatles are forced to take over a castle on a rainy night.  Paul gets abducted by a mad scientist who plans to marry him off to a lady vampire.  Ringo, George and John arrive in time to save him.


The Beatles are off to the wax museum to see themselves in wax.  The get lost in the museum and the Count Dracula wax statue comes to life, and proceeds to give chase.  The Beatles end up having to melt their wax doubles to save the day.

Sing-a-longs: I'll Get You / Chains

Episode 6

    You've Really Got A Hold On Me

    The Beatles go on safari.  When the truck breaks down Ringo goes off in search of a jack.  He finds a witch doctor named "Jack" who turns a worm into a snake that they use a spare tire.


The Beatles go to see "Mutiny on the Bounty", and Ringo gets inspired to be a great captain.  He gets knocked on the head at the same time, and dreams that John, Paul and George are planning a mutiny against him.  He makes them walk the plank which is the diving board of a swimming pool.

Sing-a-longs: Slow Down / Honey Don't

Episode 7

    I'll Get You

The Beatles romp through the African jungle with Alan Watermain on holiday.  

    Honey Don't

Ringo becomes a bull rider at a rodeo.

Sing-a-longs: You Really Got  A Hold On Me / Anytime At All

Episode 8

    Anytime At All

The Beatles are in an art gallery in France and help to capture a thief.

    Twist And Shout

The boys try to help a pretty young artist who is trying to win at a Paris modern art show.  In the end she wins with her original painting of a pussy cat, because the judge likes cats.

Sing-a-longs: Slow Down / Honey Don't

Episode 9

    Little Child

A young Indian girl wants to show her peers that she can hunt as good as the boys in her tribe.  So she captures The Beatles to prove it.

    I'll Be Back 

(one of the few cartoons to feature two songs, the first is "Ticket to Ride")

Ringo is given a golden guitar by the mayor of a mid-western town.  The guitar gets stolen and The Beatles try to get it back.

Sing-a-longs:  Long Tall Sally / Twist and Shout

Episode 10

    Long Tall Sally

The boys take shelter in an old castle for the night.  The caretaker warns them not to put on the suits of armor that they have found, for it will make mortal enemies out of whoever wears them.  John and Ringo end up in the armor and fighting .

    I'll Cry Instead

The Beatles are busy in Japan.  George gets a case autographitis after signing autographs all day.  They try to find him a doctor and end up in a Judo arena.

 Sing-a-longs: I'll Follow The Sun / When I Get Home

Episode 11

    I'll Follow The Sun

The Beatles are traveling in the countryside when their car breaks down.  A highwayman takes them hostage but they manage to escape.  

    When I Get Home

The Beatles are stalked by Quasimodo after they duck into Notre Dame Cathedral to get away form their fans.

Sing-a-longs: I'll Cry Instead / When I Get Home

Episode 12

    Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby

Back in Japan the boys are mistaken for reincarnated ancestors of some of the locals.

    I Should Have Known Better

The Beatles go to Rome to find a place for their next gig.  After trying several places they decide on The Coliseum, which falls down after their first rehearsal.

Sing-a-longs:  I'm A Loser / I Wanna Be Your Man

Episode 13

    I'm A Loser

Ringo goes searching for a career as a movie star in Hollywood, but gets hired as a stuntman.

    I Wanna Be Your Man

George and Ringo buy a statue that two bank robbers have hidden their stolen gold in.

Sing-a-longs: No Reply / I'm Happy Just To Dance With You