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The Butcher Cover

This album has been the center of controversy and collectables for decades.  What started out as a simple album released by Capitol Records in 1966 has turned into a lot more.  

Pictured above is a "Trunk Cover Paste Over" version of the album.  This is what the album looked like when the public got to see it in 1966.  Only first editions of this album had this paste over, as future edition covers were printed with this already on the cover.

A "Peeled " version of this refers to this cover being peeled off to reveal the "Butcher Cover" photo underneath.  If you have a copy with the "Butcher Cover " underneath, DO NOT attempt to remove it yourself!!!  It should be done professionally or after you have thoroughly researched the proper method.

Original Cover Art

This is the original cover that Capitol released for the album.  It depicted the Beatles dressed in white butchers coats and sitting among broken dolls and raw meat.  It is reported to have been distributed to only radio stations and record company personnel. 

 Within days of its release, Capitol issued a letter to all who received the album instructing them to return all copies to Capitol immediately.  After destroying some of the covers, Capitol realized that they could just paste a new picture over the top of this one and save themselves a lot of money.

This photo was taken as a joke by The Beatles to give them a break form all the recent publicity shots that they had been taking during a photo shoot for "Paperback Writer".  The decision to use it as a cover photo was made by Capitol at a later date.


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