Dedicated to the Memory of My Mom

Marina Reynolds

A word from me:

It was a cloudy day in February that I heard the news. My heart was shattered. It finally was here. The day I've had nightmares about.

The day my dear mother departed from this relm of existence.

I always admired her for her ethics and virtues. I knew someday it would come except not so soon.

I lost the woman who gave me life !! She was a doll. She was kind, understanding and combative when her ethics where at stake.

In all my future existences I will never have the honor of being with someone like her.

She bathed me, corrected me, taught me, raised me, and most importantly


I respected her immensely for the person she was.

I miss her dearly !

Where ever she may be I hope

she is well.

May God watch over her.


From my Wife:

Hello my name is Mary. Daughter in-law to Marina.

I had the honor of meeting and talking with Marina before cancer took her young viverant life.

She left us Febuary 14, 1998.

Unfortunately, and with deep sorrow, she did not stay with us long enough to see her only son get married.

He was the apple of her eye and a little boy who admired his mother.

The last time I spoke with her, We were leaving New York to return home.

She gave me a hug and told me to take care of my family.

I almost broke down into tears.

I knew I had her blessing.

Gene, her son had told her he was going to ask me to marry him.

He did in the first week in January.

By now Marina was very sick and in the hospital.

She was fighting the battle of her life but, this was a losing battle.

Gene was flying to New York to be with his mother.

I asked him to say everything to her possible.

To talk about the future, the present, and remember the good times they had shared!

I lost both of my grandparents to cancer and I regret not being able to talk with them before they passed away.

They live in my memories and in my heart as Marina will.

Marina may have left this world struggling day by day but, she was able to see many things in a very short amount of time.

She met her daughter-in-law and her first grandson although not related by blood.

Marina and Gene were able to forgive each other for wrong doings in the past.

As we all know, parents and children do not always get along.

We all have our own likes and dislikes which can cause problems.

I thank God, They were able to have this time together to say what they needed to say -

instead of instant death.

Marina loved animals especially butterflies.

She would have a fit if anyone hurt another living creature.

I love the values she taught Gene.

He is a better person for this,

He loves animals and nature as his mother did!

While Gene lived in New York, he took in many animals.

He worked at a Vets Office learning to help them at a young age.

He helped every animal brought to him because of what his mother taught him!

I was told people would leave stray animals or animals people didn't want anymore on Marina's doorstep.

She would take every animal, loving and feeding them.

She helped her neighbors and anyone who needed help.

She never looked down on anyone but herself.

She was always trying to improve herself wanting to be better physically, emotional, and spiritually.

So, When Gene and I were married we invited God and those we have loved which we lost to soon.

WE believe life goes on after this life!

Gene has a wonderful family!

Aunt "Cookie", Uncle Joe, cousins Jessica, Joey, Chris and Grandparents in CA.

He has the best family anyone could ask for!!!

They are loving and generous people.

If the Whole World was like this family it would be a Better World!!!


A word from my Dearest Aunt and 2nd Mother "Cookie":

Memories are Gods precious gifts that never fade or grow old with the passing of time.

I can hardly believe its been one year since I've see you and held your hand in mine.

I can recall every moment of laughter, your smile, your beautiful face, the sound of your voice rings clear to me whenever thoughts turn to you.

Not conscious then on how the little details were what I would miss most of all the things you'd do.

Times we tied up our phone lines for hours just going over our day and weekends.

We shopped and laughed cares away.

Holiday dinners we shared, opening presents at Christmas and toasting the new year.

As far back as I can recall during every special moment in my life you were here. My

Priorities have become so much clearer to me as I struggle to make my life work without your presence to keep me warm.

Your son is a great source of strength and comfort to me and with the love of my family I can weather any storm.

We were so close that I believe you know my thoughts and what's in my heart.

Feedom from all your earthly trials I celebrate today although it means we must be apart.

None for the rest of my life will ever fill this empty space in which you once used to be.

I'm grateful for the LOVE you gave me MARINA and you'll continue to live forever within my memory!


your sister, "COOKIE" xxxxxx

" In the arms of the angels may you find some comfort there"


She worked at a New York Hospital.


Making the world SMILE & LAUGH! She loved Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe!

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