All You Need Is Love

All you need is LOVE

Such a simple yet powerful message

A message sent out to the world in the first global TV program seen by satellite reaching an estimated 350,000,000 people worldwide for the first time in history.

What inspires a message such as this one?

Ask members of the Beatles and they aren't sure.

Ringo and George think that it was specifically written for the program.

Paul thinks it was written as a passing thought.

John wrote it and said it just came to him.

Is this message from a divine inspiration?

I don't know, but if GOD (Jesus, Adonai, Allah, Buddha, whatever you would like to call him, her or it) were all powerful and wanted to communicate a message to mankind it would be a very useful way of getting the message out there.

We ask ourselves "Why is the world the way it is?"

"Why are people suffering from hunger?"

"Why are people dying of war?"

"How can God allow this to happen?"

It is not GOD that allows this to happen

It is MAN(WOMAN) that allows this to happen.

WE have the power


To end WAR


If we would only listen and understand the message!

All You need is Love

Just think of how the world would be if we only acted out of love.

If GOD ever had a message for mankind that would be it.

So you ask yourself "How can I make the world better by myself?"

You make the world a better place by starting with yourself !

LOVE YOURSELF and the people that touch your lives!


I have decided to change my world

I have decided to act out of love

I have decided to make a difference

I am currently involved with many projects

One by one

Feeding a family who needs food

Caring for animals and people that need care

Protecting the environments that need protecting

Lending a helping hand to those that need it lent

Making a better world where one needs to be made

I encourage you to do the same things

Have patients with those around you

You will be glad you did



If you would like to make a contribution to help me in the work I have committed myself to do Send it to:

Gene Reynolds
255 Cattle Drive
Leeds, AL 35094

Your donations will make a difference !

All I can say is everything we do does make a difference.

Thank you very much and keep the message alive

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