A Tribute to Linda

Our Prayers go out to Paul and his family

for the loss of Lady Linda.

My lovely Linda you kept me sane.

You filled me up with love and made the demons go away.

You were my world for oh so very long.

My heart is drapped in saddness now that your gone.

I'll do you proud and stay so true to your cause.

Give folks food for thought and reason to pause.

Appaloosa is always primped in style and taken out often for a ride,

Somehow it seems to me he senses you are still by his side.

The days are so long, grey,empty and bare,
You made our house a home

so warm with love, when you were there.

You are an angel which fate has sent to sit upon my shoulder,

to help guide me when I'm lost and give me strength as I grow older.

Don't know how to go on in a world where you are not.

Dreaming of times together, theres nothing about you I've forgot.

Your laughter like music echos in my ear

like the soothing song of a bird.

Spoken words of love from your lips,

the most joyous sound I've heard.

My lovely Linda you kept me sane.

In a world full of maddness you drove all my demons away.

"Wild Praire" is about all I want to hear these days.

It erases the darkness and helps me want to stay.

You will always be my girl for all time and eternity,

Til God calls me home to you,

and together again...

we will be!

A word from Paul

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