John Lennon


The World is a Better Place for Knowing Him.

John was a man who understood pain

so he made it his mission to stand for peace and love.

While with the BEATLES he met Yoko,

and swore this love had been heaven sent.

When the BEATLES broke up it was an especially difficult time.

He moved to New York City hoping some peace of mind he'd find.

Through Yoko he became a father again,

getting a second chance to make it right.

The time spent with Sean helped him grow and get his head screwed on tight.

He made his peace with Paul, George & Ringo too,

John tried making up to Julian for the dad he really never knew.

After a long absence from his music he worked on a new album with vitality and insight,

only to come home and in front of his door be gunned down and killed in the cold lonely night.

JOHN, you were one half of the most exciting and popular song writing team of all time!

The spirit of the LENNON & McCARTNEY music will forever live in the memory of fans, especially mine.

Even after you were gone you left behind a memorable gift for the world to hold in our hearts.

Your last album was proof for everyone everywhere to see you were back better than ever.

These songs and countless others are your legacy for all of humanity to treasure!

WE LOVE YOU JOHN & thanks for all of it!

PEACE, may you have found it!!!!

Give Peace a Chance!!!

We Miss You John....Rest in Peace

A word from John

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