Beatles 2000

A prayer for Paul and his family for the loss of Lady Linda.

A prayer for George...May God give him the Strength to heal his wounds...I know he will Win!!!!

A prayer for Ringo...Stay well...I know "It Don't Come Easy" but keep making beautiful music.

Its been thirty years ago today...

since the BEATLES landed in the U.S.A.

They changed the face of music forever worldwide.

These Liverpool born sons and the United Kingdoms pride.

Paul was known as the boyish one,

Ringo was shy,

George was extremely quiet and

John was the PEACE loving guy!

She Loves You and I want To Hold Her Hand is all you needed to hear.

Long hair became the fashion and english accents where IN that was perfectly clear.

Even after they broke up fans remained loyal, hopeful and true,

waiting and dreaming of the day the fab four would sing together on stage anew.

That dream was horrably shattered that cold Dec. night in front of his door,

John was murdered and the BEATLES would be no more.

Still years have passed and the hurt is less

and we appreciate the history they left for all mankind

no matter where John is or where the other three go,


will live through there music for all time!!!!!!!


Thank you guys for the joy you always put in my heart!

God Bless You.


A word from George
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