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5 minutes... That's all it takes to install a Web-Stat hit counter on your site and start monitoring your traffic in real-time.

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Here is how it works : when you create a Web-Stat account we give you a few lines of HTML code to be added to your pages. When a visitor accesses your site, the hit counter is triggered and we capture information on the visit which we record into your own personal log files stored in our data-center.

The whole process takes an average of 0.20 seconds, which makes Web-Stat one of the fastest loading hit counter available. You can then come to at any time, log into your password-protected area and check your traffic in real-time. To see an example of the information we will provide you with, please see our sample statistics.

What do I get ? Choose between a free 30-day trial and three registered versions (regular, plus and premium). The free trial hit counter can be upgraded at any time to any one of the full versions simply by registering (use the 'register' link on the menu bar).

A regular registration costs $5 per month ; it will give you a permanent account and bring you features not available on the free trial. The plus and premium versions contain additional stats (see comparison chart below). Registration is completely risk-free since you can unregister your account at anytime, no question asked with a simple email to

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monthly keywords report

Comparison chart

Free 30-day trial spacer Registered - Regular ($5.00 per month)

  • Real-time stats
  • Search engines and keywords tracking
  • 175 digit styles to choose from or invisible hit counter
  • Install in minutes, no programming experience needed
  • Monitor up to 1,000 visitors per day
  • No cumbersome data ; everything in easy to read charts
  • Accurate and reliable statistics for 30 days. At expiration time you will need to register to keep your hit counter alive

All previous features plus :

  • Permanent account
  • Exclude your own visits
  • Exclude a given referrer
  • Exclude a given IP number
  • Monitor up to 6,000 visitors per day
  • Your questions answered, your problems solved in 24 hours max
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Registered - Plus ($7.50 per month) spacer Registered - Premium ($9.50 per month)

All previous features plus :

  • monitor your site online status every 30 minutes
  • receive alert messages if your site is down
  • monitor and chart your site's connect time

All previous features plus :

  • monitor your site online status every 15 minutes
  • individual click-path of last 1,000 visitors
  • average click-paths
  • page views and duration of stay on each page
  • page views per day and per month
  • page views per visitor
  • conversion and ROI tracking
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Why choose a Web-Stat hit counter ?

Search engine and referrer tracking : We have developed search engine and referrer tracking further than anyone in this business.

The 'Referrer Tracker' records the number of visitors sent each week to your site by search engines or referrers. It allows you to see how your referencing/marketing strategy works over the long haul.

On the example graph below the blue line shows the traffic sent by Google to our sample site, week by week, over the last year ; dark red is the pay-per-click engine Adwords, light red is Yahoo !, and so on.

search engine and referrer tracker
referrer tracking graph

The referrer tracker automatically detects any referrer that links to your site (for instance a search engine, an outside site with a link to your URL, a particular newsgroup, email, etc). It also detects and records keywords used to find you (see example keyword report, above on this page)

Ease of use : We measure the global traffic coming to your site and offer stats that make sense, that are simple, and that can be read and understood in a few minutes. Look at our sample stats page to find out in one quick glance all you need to know about the state of your traffic.

Speed and reliability : We use a chain of dedicated servers to run our stats ; when demand increases we simply add a new server to the chain : this architecture gives us unlimited scalability and has allowed us to grow exponentially without any interruption in our service since February 1998.

User Support : We answer all queries manually, in 24 hours maximum (usually a few minutes to a few hours). Let us insist on the fact that we answer all questions and address all comments, even on week-ends.

Finally, we offer many options and some unique features, including :

  • repeat visitors vs. first time visitors traffic
  • page views and click paths analysis
  • conversion and R.O.I. tracking (per referrer and keyword)
  • monitoring of your site uptime and downtime
  • email alerts if your site is down
  • exclude your own visits from being counted
  • give public access to your stats (or keep them private and password-protected)
  • and much more !...

... try it for yourself : we give you a free 30 day trialof our hit counter and risk-free registration (if you buy from us and change your mind, send us an email : we will unregister your account, delete your credit card information and send you a confirmation message within 24 hours, no questions asked).

With over 10,000 customers, Web-Stat is the recognized leader in hosted traffic analysis today.

daily traffic graph
daily traffic sample graph

Measure the exact traffic brought to your site each week by the search engines, or any referrer that you choose to track, customize your hit counter, exclude your own visits and benefit from many unique features, including one of the largest digit styles collection on the web (there is even an invisible counter).

You've invested time and effort into your web site. What's the point if you can't make people come and see it ? Web-Stat is the indispensable tool to help you achieve this. The day you install Web-Stat traffic analysis you stop flying blind : you start measuring and understanding the results of your promotional strategy which means better results, less time wasted and a nice, exponentially growing traffic curve.

In conclusion, Web-Stat was created with the following idea : make the best possible hit counter with no strings attached. Give it high speed, perfect reliability, impeccable support, lots of unique options and heavy product development (we introduce new functions regularly) and above all, make it SIMPLE to use !

Get your free trial hit counter now and find out for yourself !

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