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Traffic per hour of the day

Traffic per hour of the day

This graph shows what share of your daily traffic is received at each hour of the day. Each bar represents one hour, and the bar's height represents the percentage of the daily traffic received for that given hour. The number at the bottom of each bar is the percentage of hits received for that hour since the graph was created or last reset. You can use this information to find out, for instance, what your slowest time is during the day and arrange to do site maintenance at that time.

If the local time indicated above the graph is wrong you need to adjust your time zone in the Web-Stat Control Panel .

Important Note : by default, your account is set to 'test mode' in which a visit is counted every time your page is loaded. If the same visitor reloads your page 5 times in 30 seconds, then 5 visits will be counted (this is done to allow you to test the counter after installation). In order to get more meaningful stats, you should set your account to count 'visitor sessions' by selecting 'Type of Tracking -> Visitor Sessions' in the Control Panel. This ensures that a visitor loading your page several times in a row during the same browser session is only counted once (if that person comes back to your site 30 minutes or more after leaving it, a new visitor session will be counted).

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