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Referrer tracking tutorial

Referrer tracking tutorial

Referrer tracking is probably the most important function of Web-Stat. It allows you to know precisely where your traffic comes from, in what quantities, and along what trends. This knowledge is essential if you are actively marketing and promoting your web site as it allows you to calculate your return on investment for every single campaign that you undertake.

When properly installed and configured, Web-Stat will :

The purpose of this page is to review installation and configuration procedures that will allow you to benefit from the full power of Web-Stat referrer tracking


For precise referrer tracking it is important that the Web-Stat code be properly installed. You need to verify that :

  1. the code is installed on every possible entrance page into your site, so that Web-Stat gets loaded immediately upon entering your site and not two or three clicks later.

  2. you have installed the full code (the simplified code is not capable of referrer tracking)

  3. the code on your site is exactly identical to the code we issued

  4. if your site is framed, you have set to 'yes' the 'framed' variable in the code, also, that you have installed the code in the main frame, not on the frameholder page

If needed, general installation instructions and the Web-Stat code for your account can be found in the FAQ.


The default installation above will correctly monitor every 'classic' referrer like search engines and HTTP links to your site. It requires further configuration in the following cases :

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