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Detail of last 100 visitors

Detail of last 100 visitors

This report shows all the information available for the last 100, 500 ('plus' program) or 1000 ('premium' program) visitors to your site.

Click-path : click on the 'Go' link in this column to see exactly which pages the visitor visited on your site and how long he/she stayed on each page (note that we can not detect the duration of the stay on the very last page visited : we use successive loadings of the counter code on your pages to calculate the length of stay on each page. When the visitor leaves your site - from the last page - he does not load the counter code again and as a result we can not detect that event). We consider that a visitor has 'left' your site when there has been no click-path activity in 30 minutes or more.

Time Stamp this is the date and time at which the visitor entered your site. The visitor's time of arrival is recorded using the time zone you entered when creating your account. If the time or date is off, simply adjust your time zone in the Control Panel.

Note that adjusting your time zone will not change the time stamp of visitors that have already been recorded : it will only have an effect on visits recorded after the change.

Repeat Visitor this will show 'Y' if a visitor has been to your site at any time in the past, and 'N' if we can not detect previous visits. Note that this detection depends on cookies to work : if a visitor has disabled the cookies in his browser or if the cookies file has been reset we will detect a first time visitor even if the visitor is a repeat visitor.

Entry Page the URL of the page on which the visitor entered your site. If you have 'named' the page in the Web-Stat code, the name you chose will be used instead of the URL

Referrer if the visitor accessed your site by clicking a link on another site, the referring site (called the referrer) will appear here. Clicking on 'Go' will show you the page that the visitor saw before coming to your site (along with the keywords used in the case of a search engine referral). Hovering your mouse over the columns will show you the complete referring URL, including the query string.

This column can contain several types of values :

IP : this is simply the IP address of the server which requested your web page. In most cases the IP belongs to the ISP through which the visitor connects to Internet (which means that 99% of the time you can not identify a visitor from an IP number, all you can tell is that the visitor connected from a server belonging to a given ISP).

Domain : Generally, each IP has an associated domain name, which is easier to read and remember than a string of numbers. When such a name is associated to the IP we indicate it in this column. Note that it is possible for an IP not to have an associated name, in which case the column will contain the words no associated domain name

Browser and Operating System : the type of browser and operating system that the visitor used to view your site. Hover your mouse over this column for more details on the user agent.

Screen Size : the size of the screen which the visitor used to view your site.

Screen Color : the number of colors available on the screen which the visitor used to view your site.

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