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Below are unedited and unsolicited testimonials from customers who use Web-Stat on their sites. You can visit their pages, contact them by email, and make your own opinion...

All American Watch
Web-Stat remains the single most important element of our success today and how anybody could ever successfully market a website without it, is beyond us. It would be like working with a sock over our heads and our hands tied behind our backs! It even alerts us to FRAUD better than anything the credit card acquirers have to offer and they can’t understand why we have all their security switched off and still have only one charge back after the last 300 sales!!
James Lane
Customer Service
All American Watch

In The Bag
My company has been using Web-Stat for over 3 years now. They have made so simple and easy to get all of your statistics in my easy to read report. I use it for all my client's websites. The information you gain is invaluable. You can find out not only how many visitors are checking out your site, but you can see where they came from, how they found you, if they are a new visitor, where they looked, how long they stayed, what type of browser they are using, etc. The information is what shapes the success of each of our websites. Whenever I have a question, I immediately get a response. Thank you, Web Stat, for making me look good!
Adam Reeves
In The Bag
Advertising – Marketing- Web Design

ADHD Solution
Wow, what a prompt response, thank you! You guys truly are the best. I really do love the service. Honestly, I can't imagine running my business without it. The information is just too critical. And I have never had one single problem with your service: it's been 100% reliable. I'm grateful for how simple it is to use because I'm fairly low-tech.
Bill Mueller
ADHD Solution

APT's Pro Wrist Straps
I am good to go, thanks for working with me here. I will tell you guys again as I always have, my spent with you is the BEST I spend all year long and I mean that sincerely. Without you, I would be LOST literally!
Alan P. Thomas
Owner, APT's Pro Wrist Straps

SIM Card Solutions
Thank you very much for your speedy response. I really appreciate it. Should I, or anyone else I know, need a service such as yours, I will highly recommend Web-Stat. I was very pleased with your level of profesionalism as well as integrity. Many thanks,
Andres Berman
SIM Card Solutions

Institut' DERMed
I just want to tell you how pleased I am with your service! We have found Web-Stat to be an absolute necessity in analyzing how successful additions and changes to our website really are. Also, your interface took less than 5 minutes to learn to use, talk about easy! Thank you so much for offering this incredibly affordable hit counting solution.
Ben Frye
Institut' DERMed

Mary Stuart Masterson Website
I am very pleased with the service that Web-Stat provides. I have tried a few other trackers before but was never really satisfied with them. Yours is just what I was looking for. Thank you very much for the great service!
Claudia Kehl
High-quality software products are pretty rare. You should know that your Web-Stat traffic analyzer is exceptional. I used Web-Stat as my primary tool to establish my web site with search engines. Now, when someone searches for my primary phrase, "alternative cancer treatments" my site is number one or two. Also, your support has been excellent. Thank you.
Paul Winter
Webmaster and

I cannot say enough positive things about the Web-Stat service. We have searched high and low and have not found a statistics service with this many features at such an affordable price. The top-notch customer service is incredible. They are on the job days, evenings, and weekends to help resolve any issues quickly and in a friendly manner. Thank you Web-Stat for such an affordable, effective service!
Sarah Palmer
This is a non solicited endorsement. I thought it about time to send you a thank you as I have been using your service now for nearly one year. I'm very pleased with the ease of navigation and operation of your Web-Stat traffic analysis website. I am also very pleased with the quick response to any queries I've had. Normal response time is between 12 to 24 hours. Thank you for your service -- it is appreciated.
Ray Pembroke
I have been a new member for just 3 days now. There are no words to tell you how delighted I am with your service. I had been using a free web counter before. It was constantly not functioning and it was almost certainly not working properly. The small cost for your service is a bargain in all respects. I sincerely thank you for being there and doing a wonderful service for the public.
Rabbi Moshe Yess

Garratt-Callahan Company
I want to thank you for a great tool and a smooth running company, not to mention great customer service! Thanks again.
Jim Gamlen, P.E.
Vice President and Technical Director
Garratt-Callahan Company

Atacama Healing Water
I am sure you are getting this from many individuals, but your stat is absolutely the best. Sincerely,
Jei Atacama
Atacama Healing Water

I purchased Web-Stat services about a year ago. Totally satisfied. But ESPECIALLY with the after sales service. These guys go the EXTRA mile, believe me. They resolved PHP problems with my site IN FRANCE DIRECTLY with my supplier. That's what I call service!! Thank you..... couldn't do it without you.
Larry Tomko

Product Testing Services
I signed up for Web-Stat last April and wanted to let you know I am 100% pleased. Very nice job. Very professional. Your stats presentation has been a huge help.
Douglas Mehrkens
Project Coordinator
Product Testing Services

Casino Research
Just a note to say that we’ve been extremely pleased with the Web-Stat service. In our minds, there’s no better stats package out there for the price. Web-Stat provides deep information that allows us to understand our traffic extremely well. We couldn’t be happier with the service.
Matt Waterman
Casino Research
Web-Stat, is in my opinion, the best counter service out there. It has the most intuitive interface and perfect "at-a-glance" viewing. It's not lacking, nor is it bogged down with extraneous features. Feel free to use this testimonial and edit accordingly
Taylor Stewart

DVD Direct 4 Less
Hi, Web-Stat people

This is a long overdue fan letter - For a little over a year now, I have subscribed to your stats service. It has exceeded my every expectation. Quite simply, it is the best problem-free, ad-free stats service I have ever used.

Perhaps I should mention that I actually have a free site statistics program as part of my web hosting package. You'd recognize the name of this program - it's one of the most popular ones out there and very highly regarded. The truth is, I hardly ever look at it anymore.

I'd rather pay an additional fee each month for your stats... they're more comprehensive and presented in an easy-to-use interface. Your click path analysis feature alone has taught us more about the behavior of our site visitors than any other single resource we have at our disposal.
Michael Lesker
DVD Direct 4 Less
Dear Web-Stat. Thank you for a great program for checking the number of visitors to our web page. I have been using your counter for a couple of years. But what I really like about your company is the help you have when I have a problem. I corresponded with your help desk a number of times and they walked me through correcting my problem I had in installing a new version. I also am very pleased with the added features that are included since I first purchased the program. I would recommend your counter to everyone."
Don Simonson

Lalitha's Nursery Rhymes
Just a note to say that I should have done this earlier ! Thanks so much for your service... I was using the Bravenet stats before and they weren't even half as helpful.
Miriam Seshadri

Fireside Fly Fishing
Just a comment. I'm mad as hell - and I ain't going take it anymore. That is, take your valuable service without giving back credit and thanks where it's due. More pecifically, your web-monitoring service is one of the best (if not the absolute best) values that I've come across in many years. As I've grown used to the many parameters and graphs and how to use them, I find myself even more amazed at its value and usefulness. I don't know how I could ever get along without it now. And it's all for a very nominal annual fee. In my eyes, it should be an essential service for anyone who is a serious contender for visitors to an internet-based site. Keep up the excellent service and I just may change my mind and take it for a while longer. Perhaps many years longer. Thanks for a service well provided.
Joseph Brunner
Fireside Fly Fishing

Stokes Abode Online
Hat's off to your complete team for such a fantastic product at such a fantastic price. This software has already paid the monthly charge in the first two days as I have been able to use the stats to prove to my web host they have an uptime problem not to mention it is showing me why I am not getting the orders I thought I should. Mistakes on my part but now I know where they are !!! Not only does your product allow accurately tracking of my customers visit patterns but also it clearly points out pages that need work. To top that off you have the best product support I have seen. I tell everyone looking to build a website that they need your service or they are running blind and wasting their time.
Norm Stokes
Stokes Abode Online

Hunter Holden Cremorne
Hmm......interesting service you provide. I just signed up for the premium service, set up HTML code on my site as indicated and everything works as promised. Not only that you also offer a cancellation service no questions asked if the need ever arises. Sounds too good. So far I am impressed with Web-Stat.
Peter Phillips
Hunter Holden Cremorne

University of Colorado Continuing Education
First of all, every time I send a message to tech support, I get an immediate response and a very thoughtful answer. Second of all, your level of customer support is a lost art. Keep up the good work! I will now be ready for my 1:30 meeting with management! Thank you kindly!
Chris Solis
University of Colorado Continuing Education

Image One - LarsonArt
Just a note to say that we've used your service for a number of months now (maybe close to a year) and just today rolled another account over to you - one that was dragging around from an old over-priced & under-performing SuperStats account. I just wanted to say thanks for offering us great service and thorough stats. Although we run the premium accounts, even in your basic accounts you offer awesome stat groups. Great value! We hope to be here for a while and add more accounts as we need them.Thanks again!
Shaun Larson
Image One - LarsonArt

Timber Frame Living
I have been with you guys quite some time and I have been extremely pleased with your service. You are quick and easy to set up. Tech support is damn quick, and friendly. Your web counter is packed full of great and simple to understand statistics. And you guys are priced great. You guys are the best!
Sharon Leonard
Timber Frame Living

3D Photography
You run a great service, which is why I've been a subscriber for over 4 years. I have access to the raw stats of access from my web host, which is useful for seeing which pages are visited most, where errors are coming from, etc..., and since I have over 2000 pages on my site, that is useful info. But, your site provides me with a great 'big picture' view of what is going on by consolidating information and presenting it in useful graphs. Keep up the good work!
Jeffrey Cooper
3D Photography

I opened a premium account a couple of days ago because I was so impressed with the trial version. Frankly, you're better than WebTrends.

I used WebTrends for about 2 years and then tried several other trackers for months but Web-Stat is the best I've found. It was the only other one that offered the simple visual breakdown that I liked most about WebTrends but adds other features that I am thrilled with and the price difference is staggering. And one other intriguing advantage: When I replaced the WebTrends code with the Web-Stat code and reloaded the pages, I noticed the size of the page was often less. When you have a lot of pages, that saves server space which often means money.
Robert Young

Adult Personals Guide
I'm really satisfied with Web-Stat's service. I'm not only able to tell how much traffic I get to my site as a whole, but also able to track every visitor's path through my site. Of the total number of visitors to my site I can tell how many actually make it to the page where I try to close the sale. With this information, I am able to fine tune the wording on each page to keep traffic flowing through the pages of my site and ultimately to make the purchase. Customer service is also top notch.
Tony Alvarez
Adult Personals Guide

21st Century Home Automation
I just want you to know that I just finished a 3 year tour as a public trainer for Compumaster on the topics of Website Design and Development and PhotoShop. I promoted your business to hundreds of people per week. I hope your business has boomed in the last couple years. I hope it continues to do so. I think you are the best bang for the buck you can get.
Erik Elmore
Graphics Manager
21st Century Home Automation

Quinessence Aromateraphy
Holy Moley! I have had some speedy responses from a few companies over the years; but yours has got to be the best - ever! 2 minutes!!?? Hope that the rest of your customer base is as impressed as I am. If not, they should be. You have a great customer service model, - let me go have a word with my staff . . . . . . . .

I guess that your business is already doing very well, but it deserves to be really successful and I am sure you soon will be..
Geoff Lyth
Quinessence Aromateraphy

Stable Cottage
By the way, some positive feedback (!) - I've been very pleased with Web-Stat. I've even recommended you in my web host's forum (Supanames) several times. Your price versus capability is good and your site is well designed and reliable.
Tony Graham
Stable Cottage

Montana Homes & Land
I am writing to tell you how impressed I am with the quality of reporting stats on Web-Stat. I searched high and low for a reputable, full-service stats site that offered ease of accessibility and accurate, detailed stats. I've found it. The reporting pages load quickly and smoothly. The detail of the reports is superb, everything one needs to know about one's traffic is right here. Kudos for an excellent service. Thank you!
Barbara Quanbeck
Montana Homes & Land

HTP company
Your service is great, I enjoy how the product works, and the price is low. You provide an outstanding value to any website or business. Best regards,
Tom Forrest

Quality Granite & Marble Co
Dear : I Just joined another counter site and just about went nuts with their signing up process. It turned out to be one of the most unworkable sites on the net. I just want to say thanks for having a very user friendly web-site which turned a three hour fiasco into a simple 3 minute (easy step) process and I was up and running with my new counter and stats on my web-site in no time flat...
Joseph A. Damm
Quality Granite & Marble Co
Thanks, again, for the support! I'm glad that I decided to go with your company! I'm a firm believer in a company that is helpful to their clients and will tell everyone I know in the music business that has a website about your services. Everything is clear and easy to understand, and you have given us as webmasters lots of options for our own needs. Two Thumbs Up!
Dan Berton

Web-Stat is the best tracking service I have ever used. I have to keep track of traffic from Japanese search engines but your tracker works on any search engines. I saved a lot of time by using your service. Thank you and good work !

I have been using the Web-Stat premium service for just over a year now, and have found it invaluable both for marketing and web design decisions. The amount of info at my disposal allow me to completely keep track of advertising campaigns - it has even saved me money when an advertiser claimed he had referred 350 people to my site in one week and I could prove that it had only been 50! From a design point of view it is great to able to see exactly what systems, screen sizes etc my customers use, allowing me to create designs that I know my customers will be able to see accurately. Not only that but if I have ever had a question to ask I have always had a response to my email within 10 minutes! An excellent service!
Stuart Elliot
Web Development Manager

Rob Goodwin
I just upgraded to a full account after my free trial and I just wanted to say BRAVO! on a great service that's really easy to use. I checked around for a couple days and tried several counter services but you guys are far and away the best going. I was so pleased how quickly and easily I was up and running and checking my stats! Congratulations on a wonderful product and service!
Rob Goodwin

Waingrove Farm Country Cottages
Good Morning ! I am so thrilled with our Web-Stat. The information supplied is now more vital than any other information we monitor. Many a happy evening is now spent `clicking through` and looking at what is going on. Absoultely Brilliant. Thank you.
Stephanie Smith

SWAP Library Network
A quick note to say congratultions. The information I am able to extract from the data collected by the Web-Stat counter is invaluable. It is assisting us to provide better access to our website and also to secure more funding to improve it. Having this type of detail so readily available is wonderful. Over 1,500 hits on a public library site is pretty good from our point of view ! Once again thank you.
Leonie Edwards
Systems Administrator
SWAP Library Network
I run a small web hosting business and I will recommend you to my clients as your service is the best I have found. Kindest Regards,
Peter Mayes

Web-Stat ?.... Love it! Thank you! I'm a complete novice and can say that for little effort on my part the rewards are immense! Thanks again.
Elaine Smith

the Plas Coch website
Web-Statis a brilliant site and you may quote me on this !
Frank Gibson

Initial Response
Cool ! Very quick, does not hold up the load of the page. Very impressed !!
Scott Lauder
Initial Response Training Center, Inc.
your stats program is amazing. easy to use and easy to read!
Jordan Robbins
Let me just start off my saying Thank You. My problem is solved (turned out to be a very minor one caused by my html editing program). I just wanted to let you know that it is refreshing to deal with someone who is patient with non-paying customers. I've had this previous problem before with other free scripts, and you are the first person to actually help me through my problem. I am very satisfied with this service and will become a paying customer ASAP. My thanks for a wonderful service with wonderful support behind it. Humans are always much nicer to talk to than automated e-mails, especially when they're helpful as you are. Thank you.
Bunny Sandefur

The Nappy Lady
I have been using the basic Web-Stat account for the last year. I have three very serious complaints to make:

1. I never get any work done these days, because I spend all my time reading my Web-Stat figures, and working out how I can use every nuance of information for better targetting of my market; and

2. My competitors do tend to sniff around my website, and I'm worried that they will take a look at the 30 day free trial and realise how much your service can help them; and

3. Having read some of your testimonials, I am disappointed not to have had ANY problems whatsoever with the Web-Stat, so that I can see if your customer service is as good as they say. In my experience, a customer for whom you have solved a problem for is far more likely to rave about you than a customer who was happy from the start. However, notwithstanding your failure to provide a problem that needed solving, I am more than happy to bore my friends to death on the subject of your stats!

In case you're not up on the finer points of the British sense of humour, I'd like to make it clear this is VERY tongue in cheek. I love Web-Stat to bits. Give me a choice between my husband and my stats, and it would be a close run thing.
Morag Gaherty

Silhillians - Rugby Union Football Club
Superb quality stats. Excellent information from customers.
Nick Savage

Psychodiagnostic Chirology
As a longstanding customer know that I am really happy with your stats program. It is great value received for monies spent. It must be a good feeling to know that your customers think well of you. You've really earned it.
Aaron Holman

American Football Association
I am thrilled beyond belief with you guys. I was using another service (that cost twice as much, for half the information in a weekly report) and my web designer introduced me to you guys. WOW! All the information I need whenever I want to see it. Up to date information I can really use. Everything was simple and easy to use. I had no idea about the information we were NOT getting. Thorough, detailed and complete. If you really want to know what's going on on your site you can't afford to be without it. We are based in Las Vegas and you had the perfect counter for us!
Bill Williams
Vice President - Marketing
American Football Association

cjd3-studios, LLC
I have to say, your reports are incredible. You don't know how much time you're going to save me with this. I thought I was actually going to have to program a hit counter and integrate it into another database for reporting.

Thanks & Regards!
Clement DeLarge
I wrote this e-mail just to tell you that I'm really impressed about your service. It's fast, secure, cheap and with a huge bunch of information. What else can I ask?. In addition, you have a quick e-mail support. I solve my problems in just a blink. I'll recommend your service to all the people who need not only a counter but also a complete statistical and information center.
Christian F. Leal Reyes

Email exchange between a potential customer and a Web-Stat user
Good morning, I was wondering if I could ask you about your Web-Stat web counter. I found your site via the Web-Stat counter site and thought I would visit. Can you tell me if you are satisfied with your counter and if you would recommend it to others? I have never paid for counter service and was wondering if it was worth the price. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I would appreciate any advice you could provide.


David J. Kolton

Hi! Very much so. is both economic, reliable and extremely useful.

Most useful is a search engine tracker which displays how the pages are responding in the search engines, glimses of the last 100 referrer pages and a gateway pages facility which tracks the popularity of each of your pages. is someone who I recommended to use Web-Stat. He is addicted and on the basis of his stats was able to get banner advertising sponsorship for the site.

I cannot praise Web-Stat enough.

Yours sincerely

David Pinnegar
Computer Doctor and Webmaster Services

Very Special Women
Sirs/Madam: I have tried other trackers, and have had some problems with them. I came across your tracker this evening and it is SUPER. It gives the most comprehensive analysis of any other tracker I have seen, and I need the analysis in order to attract as many views to my web site (Very Special Women) as possible. I run a web site as a service to others less fortunate, and it is a constant struggle to increase traffic. With your product I will be able to see where traffic is really coming from, and where I need to direct my efforts to increase traffic. Keep up the good work.
Robert Reese
founder of Very Special Women

Suicide & Parasuicide Web Site
Dear Sirs,

As the Project Manager for Suicide & Parasuicide Web Site (a non profit web site resource information center on Suicidology), I come to give you my personal congratulations for the great service offered by Web-Stat.

The information about our visitors is very important in order to manage the site in accordance to their preferences and this we can analyse through the excelent resources available on the Statistics page.


Proença, Mário R.P.
Project Manager

University of Detroit Mercy International Services
I am delighted with Web-Stat. It is attractive, easy to use, in-depth, and provides precisely the sort of information I need. Also, and not unimportant, the Web-Stat staff quickly respond to questions in a friendly and helpful manner. I frequently pat myself on the back for having chosen Web-Stat.
David M. Kent -

The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation
We have a unique site as we are a non-profit organization and offer information to our client base. However, it is extremely important to us to know who we are reaching and when we are being searched. By checking our Web-Stat reports we are able to determine how many people are using the latest web browser platforms allowing us to optimize our web page design. Determining when we are being accessed has helped us to determine when to offer forum and chat room discussions. We are now considering further expansion into our international out-reach because of the apparent increase in foreign domaine-based inquiries. The printable graphs and stats offered by Web-Stat are invaluable when preparing my quarterly internal reports and semi-annual Board of Director's reports.
Philip A. Wocker, Jr.
Vice President Research & Program Development

Music Dynamics Home Page
I believe your system of tracking hits, when they occur, who sent them, the ability to see which search engines send them and all of the other great features puts your product and service head and shoulder above all others I have looked at. Your pricing is great and I would recommend your product to anyone who wants to contact me.
Bob Graham -

Horse Seek
Before Choosing to go with Web-Stat I looked at a variety of other companies which offered similar web counting services. After contacting several and reviewing their product, pricing, and customer service I found Web-Stat to be the best offer around.

Several weeks ago I was having a quite a tricky problem that involved my web-host, my URL forwarding service, and my web-counter. I contacted all three companies informing them of my situation and waited for a response on what to do next. Web-Stat was the only company that gave me immediate responses, actual interest in what was the problem, and wanted to work on a solution. Needless to say it eventually worked out, but in the end I quite impressed with not only Web-Stat in general, but with their employee Olivier and his enthusiasm. I am still non to happy about my web-host or my URL forwarding service, they really didn't seem to care at all. This is my business and it was important I get things moving as quickly as possible.

I recommend this company to anyone looking for a great Web-Counting service that offers not only a very useful variety of analysis tools at a great price, but excellent service. Web-Stat is IT!!

From a very satisfied customer,

Yvonne Carlson

The Seven Dolors of Mary Publishing
Web-Stat is the very best out there. I think I must have tried dozens of other counters and stats but nothing compares to the quality of Web-Stat services. The accuracy is unbeatable. Its simple and quick to use and the information is exactly what I need to see where my traffic comes from. There is so much information I am able to glean from Web-Stat statistics. Web-Stat is the BEST hands-down.

Thank you very much for your wonderful services!

Marlene Vickery

Buy Appointment UK Online Shopping
Web-Stat has been an invaluable product to our company to monitor the full statistics, of potential clients through the sites. Being an online shopping service, it has allowed us to target our product range and special offers according to the time our customers access the system and allows us to simplify maintenance and updating of the sites in our quiet periods, because of the ability to monitor the situation live - Many Thanks
Mr Stuart Rowbotham

Susan Hennessy's Home Page
Web-Stat couldn't be easier to use. And if you do have problems, technical support is fast and friendly. Two enthusiastic thumbs up !!!
Susan Hennessy

Asia Research
The best tracker-counter service I've seen. Stats and information are terrific.
Ed Evanhoe
The Best value for a web counter I have ever seen.
Brian Swain

Private Investigator and Marketer
Web-Stat is a tool that no internet business should be without. It provides multitudes of information about what is happening with your site on the net every hour. This can greatly help anyone who has to market their site to do business. I wouldn't be without it !
Michael J. Seymour PI.

Brass Ring Real Estate
If you are serious about hosting a web-site on the internet, then you need the service that Web-Stat will provide. The only thing it will not tell you is the color of the users eyes that come to your web-site. Otherwise, it will tell you almost everything else.
Dick Fochler

Brilliance Audiobooks
Web-Stat has been an affordable, easy to use product for tracking our web site and online catalog. The reporting features are very user friendly, installation was a snap, and most importantly, the information is usable and helpful. A great service for a reasonable price!
Kelly Gosh

GeoTDR, Inc.
The quality of presentation of our site statistics is better than we expected for the price. A real value
Kevin O'Connor

Internet and Technical Solutions
Web-Stat provides a great service for tracking the progress of your site and your online promotions. The staff is great to work with and always takes care of you in a very timely fashion. I would recommend Web-Stat to anyone interested in online progression.
Keith Schmeichel

Windy's Design Studio
Since signing up with Web-Stat, much of the stress has been taken away. Why? Because now I know where people are coming from! The search engine tracking report is invaluable. Everyone knows that submitting sites to the search engines is not only tedious, but results are not guaranteed and following up means more valuable time is spent testing each one out. Web-Stat has that covered and I thank them for making my life easier, and my web site more productive! Thanks, Web-Stat!

CMH Software, Inc.
Great program, easy to set-up and use. Definitely worth the small monthly fee.
Kevin Christensen, VP

CycleMallUSA - Motorcycle Parts and Accessories
This is the best $5.00 per month you could possibly spend on your website! The detailed graphs satisfy the boss' "need to know" and the reports and the customization available make a webmistress's life so much easier! Thank you for an excellent product!!
Michele Kaeder
Very convenient and affordable... Web-Stat made it easy to "try before you buy"!
The WrestleStock Team

I have been a registered user of Web-Stat for months now; ever since I discovered Web-Stat offers the most comprehensive traffic report available! It gives me great insight into the type of people that visit my WebPages....!!
Dirk Marks

Watermarks - Newfoundland & Labrador's Online Magazine
Web-Stat has allowed us to keep comprehensive and detailed statistics about our readers/customers. This allows our sales department to develop the right marketing demographics for our potential clients. We would be blind without Web-Stat.
Randy Skinner

East Pennsboro Girls Basketball
Web-Stat has been the perfect hit counter for my site. I was looking for a simple, easy to use counter, which still had a sharp look, plus the use of a link with fast response time. Web-Stat has provided all of these needs!
Robert Kelly

World tourist information
Without search engine referrer statistics, one is completely in the dark as to the usefulness of one's internet operation. Whilst there are increasingly common ways of finding the routes by which visitors have arrived at one's site, both the "search engine tracker" and the "gateway pages" functions provided by are uniquely useful and time saving. At a glance one can tell what one's site is doing and where - and take a measured approach as to whether or not update appropriate pages to be more relevant to revised search engine criteria.
David Pinnegar BSc ARCS

AMT Computers
Web-Stat is inexpensive, easy to implement, and gives me great stats on what users are hitting my site.
Steve Wood

I think the service Web-Stat gives for a very reasonable fee, is hard to beat, it makes tracking your site usage very easy. I highly recommend it.
Bill Wyatt
Web-Stat has been reliable and easy to work with. I loved the great selection of stylish counters to choose from as I am a stickler for design.
Marc James

Glotman Simpson Group of Companies
Glotman Simpson uses Web-Stat because they provide us with excellent service.
Patricia Jordan
Director of Practice Development

Accounting Forum
Thank you for creating a web statistics program that is so very accessible and easy to customize. Your statistical analyses are thorough and clearly presented.
Ron Garner

Briar Patch Bed and Breakfast
Very valuable statistical information guiding our internet marketing efforts.
Michael Vail

The Baby Bee Hat Company
Web-Stat has really been a help to us in monitoring our site statistics. We can track where our hits are coming from, when, and how. It's very quick and easy to check statistics on Web-Stat, and it's very inexpensive also. I recommend their service.
Jolene Fox

Welcome to my paradise!
I think Web-Stat is wonderful... I am so happy I found it. I really enjoy goin to my web page and seeing that people actually visit. I am new to the internet, web making rather, but I do enjoy it and I thank you very much for your services.
David Brown

Mall of Stuff
This is my second web site using the statistics produced by Web-Stat. The information they provide me is very important to my bottom line. It allows me to monitor my hits from various search engines, which in turn gives me a clear view of the engines that are performing for me.
Ron Mims

ASC Ticket Co.
We spend thousands a month on internet advertising, so our stats must be tracked daily to make sure all banner ads are fuctioning properly. Also without Web-Stat we would have no idea of which exact banner ads were getting seen and then clicked on each day.
Jeff Greenberg

indulge yourself in Car Modeling
I think your service is helpful and reliable. More choice of fonts and an option to store detailed data for demanding customers would make your service even better
Yuichiro Obu

Better Homes and Gardens Westchester
Web-Stat provides valuable information which allows us to track who's coming to our site and how they're getting there. It lets us know that our placement in search engines is active, and whether our valuable Internet advertising dollars are being well-spent.
Gail Fattizzi

Case And Pep's Wavs
A great counter program that gives many choices. Well pleased with everything about it.
Very easy to install. Have not encountered any problems what so ever. I definitely recommend this application.

Lebanon Today
Well to be honest, the service is very useful. It allow us to know who came from where and how long they staid. It allow us to track all vistors, from east to west, south to north in the cyberworld. Their Administration feature allow you to be in control of the service. They offer you great options for different designs and colors. For $5.00 dollar a month you can't go wrong at all. Great work Web-Stat Admin. Keep Up The Good Work.
JAK Designs

Steven J. Koenig Construction, Inc.
Web-Stat has been a useful tool for us to clear up the ambiguous nature of "hits" on our site. Now we can truly market our website to those who are actually visiting it. The service itself has been 100% reliable, and we look forward to that in the future.
Scott Koenig

Greek Translation Services
I am impressed of the complete and detailed information given by Web-Stat service. A very handy and useful service indeed.
Sokratis Sarinopulos

Businesses Grow Consultants
If like us, you spend money on advertising on the Net, it's essential you have an easy, low cost way of independently testing the results, because there are many, many charlatans out there. We have found Web-Stat provides an excellent service, and we thoroughly recommend them to all our clients.
Mark Metcalf

I wouldn't know what I would do without Web-Stat...I check my traffic numbers daily.
Ben Psillas

K D Winning Real Estate Pty Ltd
Fast & Informative, Web-Stat allows us to cater for our customers requirements and preferences. We can now provide them with the information they are seeking, in the form that they demand.
Stephen Watson

Infernal Racket Records
We needed reliable service, that's why we went with Web-Wtat.
Infernal Ed Ballinger

I love Web-Stat. Its the perfect web counter. I highly recomend it!!!

The Jerky Guy Beef Jerky Company
For the first time I have been able to know the answer to a question that has had me pondering for so long. Who are these people who visit our site and how did they find it? Now I am able to target my customers instead of guessing where to place my resources.
Jon Beltran

The Parts House
Web-Stat has helped us see where our customers are going in the site, which search engines they are using to get there and Web-Stat has helped a lot in our overall site development. We know which sections we need to expand or improve and which ones we need to increase our marketing strategies with. Web-Stat has been a great investment!
Pudge & Tina Fagan

The Jihad Football League
I joined Web-Stat as soon as i made my web-page and their service towards me has been simply excellent. They have been prompt in helping me with my problems and their service has been exemplary.
Mubin Ahmed
Very easy to use, comprehensive and informative. Very easy to analyze hit data. After switching to several counters, I have been most pleased with Web-Stat and will continue with them
Dr. Alan N. Glazier

Plant Doctor
Web-Stat has been a great addition to our web page! We are on a very tight budget, and Web-Stat works well within our budget and gives us the up-to-date information we need! I highly recommend their services!
Wendy Jenks

a-head addresses software
Good statistics, the guiding to the different pages could be easier.
Oliver Spiesshofer

Robert Thorneycroft Art Direction & Design
Excellent, Efficient, Easy to use service.
Robert Thorneycroft

Metabolife 356 for Less!
Web-Stat has been a very important part of our web-page business. Being new to e-commerce and HTML page creation, Web-Stat has been very informative to who is coming and buying from my page. I can see which search engines people are using to reach my page, and in doing so, can see which search engines i need to work on to get better hits from. I recommend Web-Stat to any online business owner.
Geoff Kersh

Fabulous French Boys Productions
Web-Stat enables my company to get deatiled info about our visitors without incurring exorbitant fees. Most importantly, Web-Stat is easy to use and maintain.
Tirf Alexius

The Panoptic Corp.
Web-Stat has proven to be an outstanding management tool for our company. With the increasingly important role our Web site is playing in our overall marketing program, it's crucial to understand how, when and from where our visitors are utilizing our site, and Web-Stat has made that possible.
James Cirigliano
Vice President

Web Resources
Wow! I was one of the first to register with Web-Stat and I am still checking my hits daily! This is one hammer of a System. If you think others are good, Web-Stat is SURELY better!
Raphael Pirker

Good, efficient service and good value for money!!!
Nino Khan

Mordida Books
An outstanding service with amazing capabilities. An invaluable tool for the wise webmaster who wants to (and realizes the importance of) looking beyond hit numbers.
John Wilson

Larry Wilsons Personal Brag Page
Web-Stat has exceeded every epectation I had when I signed up with them. Their tech support is among the best I have dealt with at any time, both personally and at work. Any and all questions are answered immediately and with courtesy and professionalism. The one or two minor problems that I have had were investigated and answered in less than 24 hours. Web-Stat has my highest recommendation.
Larry W. Wilson

Integrated Measurement Systems, Inc.
Web-Stat provides us with an inexpensive, easy-to-use, and reliable web counter. The statistics are useful and we are very satisfied with the service.
Johnny Battle

The Savannah Road Home Page
Web-Stat is, by far, the best counter service available. A very reasonable monthly fee not only gets you a hit counter, but also, valuable statistics so you can tailor your site to attract the most traffic. I'd recommend it to anyone.
Tracy Burcham

Econo Signs
I have searched the web consistantly for a online logfile analysis site that can give you a thorough breakdown of your visitors. Web-Stat is the most effective site I have found to date. Your can clearly see what search engines are delivering the most hits with Web-Stat. In addition any other refering sites will be shown seperately so you can see what visitors are new and what older links are doing you the most good. Feel free to ask these people questions they make you feel comfortable all the way. Its hard to beat for $5.00 a month.
Jerry McNicholas
Marketing Director and Web Editor for Econo Signs

Metabolife Independent Distributor
Excellent site for tracking visitors with very useful graphs. Web-Stat has helped us to know our strengths and pinpoint our weaknesses and helped us build out business.
Greg & Linda Kersh "Business to Business auctions"
I have found them very useful in >studying my site's analysis of the visitors that visit and used it to home in on particular keywords that my customers use to reach me. The best thing i added to my business!!
Yomi O

Stenzel Imaging
I view my stats daily and I am very pleased with Web-Stat's services. I like the information on which search engines are being used to find my site.
Steven Stenzel

Secret Agent Entertainment, Inc.
Web-Stat has been a great tolls for us to track who visits our site. Where , When and How.
Phil Vaughan

Web-Stat have helped to better understand my customers. I now have a clearer geographic understanding of where I need to focus my marketing. Thanks Web-Stat!!

Montedison Group
Excellent performance, ease of use and smart updating features. We are going to use Web-Stat for at least 50 % of our sites.
Alberto Debenedetti

Road Records
Web-Stat was the only element of my business website that worked the way it was supposed to the first time and error free. Not only that, but in price shopping the features against other providers, the price was lower. Thanks Web-Stat.
Conrad Askland

Computer & Control Solutions, Inc.
We have a very specific target audience for each of our sites and using Web-Stat to track the sources of the hits to our sites has been invaluable. With Web-Stat's reports and on-the-fly data tracking, we are able to pinpoint where our customers are finding us and how we need to structure our sites (keywords, content, etc.) to increase the hits. Web-Stat should be in every webmaster's toolbox.
Gregg Brooke

CJ's Junkyard
Web-Stat gives me all the statistics detail that I need to keep the web site focused on the "target audience". It's fun, too, seeing where in the world your visitors are coming from!
Barry Sims

Kobek Siebdruck & Folientechnik / Hotbox Inline-Skating Hompage
Very cheap and good Service.
Hans-Joachim Kobek

ARVC - Michigan Campgrounds and RV Parks
Web-Stat has been an important tool for ARVC. It has been helpful to know which keywords our visitors are using; this info. helps us to better place ourselves in search engines by using them. That kind of knowledge is well worth the money.

AVANTEK - The Reunion
With Web-Stat I was able to track not only where visitors were coming from but the peak days and times. It was also very valuable in telling what browser and operating system reunion visitors were using. I was able to maximize the design of my web pages for many who were using older browsers. This helped them to see pages and objects that they otherwise would not have been able to view in my original design!

Thanks for the stats, Web-Stat!
Brent Mahan
Webmaster for AVANTEK
The Reunion

Billy Tea Bush Safaris
I use Web-Stat a lot for determining my target markets. Keep up the great work.
Rebecca Crosbie

Holland Tulip Parcs
Easy to use, easy to read the statistics. Until now many references are 'others' but that can also be because people don't come to us by a search engine.
Rob Vrolijks - Home of the Tunisian Expatriate
For less than the cost of a shareware program, Web-Stat delivers professional web access statistics. For the web site, it enabled to gain a thourough assessment of the site performance and a clear idea on its audience.
Jomaa Ben-Hassine

the Backyard Bird Company
I highly recommend Web-Stat, to anyone that has or planning to have a Web Site on the Internet. It is the most vaulale tool I use in manageing and marketing my Web Sites. For one it lets you know what is happinting behind the scenes of your site, Like Hits, Search Engine Referrals, and OS type, Browser type. Great Tool Please Use it and find out what I found out. Second the PRICE is so great that I am going to use it on all my Web Sites in the future
Troy Mitchell

Community School District Seven - NYC Board of Education
Thanks to the Web-Stat services we've been able to track not only traffic volume, but also visitors stats such as who they are, where they're coming from, and even the day and time of their visit. This information is of particular interest to us as we are one of the community school districts that comprise the New York City public schools. Because of the potential volume of local traffic, the number of hits alone is not of much value. It is exciting to find out that people from all over are visiting our site.
Johel Placencia

ISL Informer Systems Limited
In helping to target our market sector and identify the search criteria needed to guide our audience to our site, Web-Stat has proved an invaluable tool.
Andrew Moore

Web-Stat is the greatest in tracking your web site hits on a monthly, daily, and hourly basis! If you want to know how well you are doing on the major search engines, then Web-Stat is a must! Web-Stat will help you define exactly where you need to place your focus to drive business to your web site. Let Web-Stat 'count' for you, it can make the difference!
Bob & Sherry Lindenberger

Teamxenon home page
Web-Stat helped us a lot by telling who was visting our site and where from, either by typing the URL or by link. Then we were able to know where to concentrate our advertising dollars. Also this allows us to thank the people who link us to their page. Thanks to the vast amount of data Web-Stat provides I was able to tell the owner of the company everything he needed to know and that his web site was working. With the convenience of the invisible counter we did not have to boost about how many hits we were getting. Thanks Web-Stat
Kevin Tomlinson

Simply Internet
Web-Stat is by far my favorite Web Statistics service. They have very compeitive prices and Olivier is VERY helpful and quick to return email. We recommmend the Web-Stat service to all of our clients looking for these types of services.
Simply Internet Webmaster

Sharp Computer Consulting
I was very impressed with the information this site had to give. I was nice to see who, what and where the hits were coming from. It made it so much easier instead of clicking on my website to see my counter. I will be changing web pages and host soon and I will take Web-Stat with me. I highly suggest if anybody wants a complete report on who is hitting their site to invest in Web-Stat.
Anthony Cabral

Arstar's Ultimate!
In my modest net experience I have tried a lot of counters, counters for free, good money counters, but I never met something as good going as the Web-Stat counter. The main thing is that it always works, it always tells you who came and who didn't came around your site. I like it and I like the way it works , I like the way it looks. Time is too short to count it.
Arsenie Coseac

It has been extremely useful to find who, where and when our sites have been hit. Changes to the site; changes in which search engines we use can be very accurately analysed.
Mark Bell

Aurora's Attic Gifts & Collectibles
Just signed up with your service and we must say that we are extremely pleased. We had tried a few other trackers before we found yours, but we ended up replacing them because they either did not provide enough information or the results were difficult to interpret. Looks like we'll be staying with you!
Dawn & Alan Powell

The stats are great! We have been able to see things about our visitors that were invisible before we started using Web-Stat. This has allowed us to tailor our web development in a way that reaches the majority of our customers.
Gary Hendricks

Taylor-made Computing
We are very happy with the service that Web-Stat provides and would thoroughly recommend their services.
Paul Taylor
I thought it was great before the improvements. Now it's even better!! You guys have everything you need in a web counter for $5.00 a month. Well worth the investment for any smart business that's wants to stay on top of their web site activity. You guys rock!!
Loretta Lanz

It has been a very revealing, and profitable experience using Web-Stat. by tracking the results I am able to take appropriate response to the hits and increase our World Class Manufacturing Consulting business. Thank You
Paul A. Burgo

The Sand Pillow
We have been very pleased with the tracking information that our Web-Stat counter has provided. The search engine tracker has been especially helpful to us.
Sandy Castro

Linville Caverns
Our Internet Service Provider added Web-Stat to our new webpage. I have been very pleased with the information on Web-Stat. I access our account almost daily & it has been helpful in letting us know our strong links, points, etc. Thank you for providing this service.
Sarah Davis

I've tried many other stat services and this is by far the most comprehensive and reliable. A keeper!
Terry Baker