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Description:Microsoft .NET Information - Welcome to the one stop for all information about .NET.
Description:DNA -- Overview - Zoom into DNA. DNA is in every cell of your body. Join us as we zoom in on a human hand until we get down inside of the nucleus. The nucleus contains DNA, the Instruction Manual for your body. DNA is Information
Description:Structure of DNA - Structure of DNA. Legend: Illustration of the double helical structure of the DNA molecule. The structure of DNA is illustrated by a right handed double helix, with about 10 nucleotide pairs per helical turn.
Description:Dr Chromo`s school: DNA structure - The famous DNA double helix unveiled here for you.... sugar, wether it is a deoxyribose like in DNA or a ribose like in RNA, are numbered 1 ... DNA is a double helix. The Watson and Crick model of a ...
Description:DNA and The AKC - ... has built the world`s largest database of canine DNA profiles for the purposes of parentage verification and genetic ... order an upgrade of an existing DNA profile to the new genotype ...
Description:DNA computer - The DNA Computer: This page includes many links to online research and information on molecular computation. ... DNA Computers. ~Ian Brandt ... comic strip format about Leonard Adleman`s discovery of DNA computation. Not only entertaining, but also the most ...
Description:Molecular-Biologist.com: A Concise History of Molecular Biology & Genetics - ... these units are not necessarily expressed as an observable trait in every generation. 1869 DNA Isolated ... the later development of DNA-DNA and DNA-RNA hybridization methods which ...
Description:Molecular Expressions Photo Gallery: The DNA Collection - The substance that composes genes is deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), a chemical that was first isolated in the 1860s, although its significance was not recognized until mid-twentieth century. ... For more DNA images, visit our DNA Collection Gallery, which includes over 100 images of liquid crystalline DNA, examining all known mesophases. ...
Description:DNA BMX bikes and parts - DNA BMX bikes and parts site designed by enhance ...
Description:Macromedia Flash Player Not Current - You need to install the latest version of Macromedia Flash Player! This site makes use of Macromedia® FlashTM software.
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