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All you have to do is recommend our service to your friends, visitors, customers, colleagues and send them to our site using a special link that we'll give you after you sign-up. As soon as these people enter Web-Stat, we will permanently tag them as having been referred by you. If they end-up subscribing to our service (even if that happens weeks after their first visit), we will share with you the revenues we collect from them.

Number of paying accounts referred by youRevenue sharing percentage
1 to 10
11 to 20
21 to 40
41 to 60
over 60

Each month you can request that a check be sent to you, providing that your balance is greater than $50.00. Otherwise, the money will accumulate into your account until it reaches that value.

Web-Stat provides you with a great way to generate additional income. We take care of everything : the headaches, programming, server maintenance and user support are for us and we'll share up to half the money we make with you. All you have to do is send visitors our way !

We even provide you with a choice of banner advertisements with cut-and-paste HTML to make it easy to advertise your Affiliate's URL.


After signing-up for our affiliate program you send us 90 visitors in the first month ; 52 of them create a free trial account and 38 end up registering for one of our full versions (for an average value of $9.00 per month). You will earn each month $9.00 * 38 * 30% = $102.60

If the next month, you send us the same amount of visitors, you will end up with 76 registered users, which means that your monthly income increases to $9.00 * 76 * 50% = $342.00

If you continue sending us 90 visitors per month for 6 months we get the following figures :

month # number of accounts your monthly revenue

Note that these numbers are not a one time payment, but a monthly revenue : you get a check each month... and your monthly income rises with time : all you have to do is keep sending us visitors !

Tempted ?... Go ahead and sign-up for our Affiliate Program now :

Please note : accounts which you buy for yourself (for your own use or for resale) already benefit from a quantity discount equivalent to the Affiliate Program profit sharing. As such, these accounts will not be counted in your Affiliate's referrals (in other words, a referral must be a customer other than yourself)