Paul Is Dead

Or is He???


What is all the talk about Paul being Dead??  Well whether it be rumor, publicity stunt, or fact - the real truth is that it helped to sell an enormous amount of records.

The Origin

It all seems to have started on October 12, 1969, when Russell Gibb, a Detroit radio disc jockey, announced on WKNR radio that Paul McCartney was dead, and that clues to his death could be found throughout The Beatles songs. The topic apparently came from one of several college newspapers that were available to him at the time.

Much to his surprise, national newspapers and reporters took him seriously, and spread the story across the county.  What astonished him even further was the fact that the entire country took him seriously!

There is another theory about the origin of the rumors: that The Beatles themselves were responsible and used it as a marketing ploy.  If that is the case, then it worked.

The Story

Although the original story is long forgotten and there are several variations of it now, the story is basically the same.

Late on a Wednesday night, Paul was in the studio working on a song with either John or George, and they got into an argument.  Paul left the studio in his car at a high rate of speed.  Apparently he was driving along and saw a very pretty girl standing on the side of the road and was distracted.  He failed to see the traffic light was "red" and crashed head-on into a pole as he tried to avoid oncoming cars. All of Paul's teeth were knocked out and the car caught fire. 

John apparently called the newspapers and told them not to print the story - which would explain why fans didn't know about his "death" for several years.  

A Paul McCartney look-alike contest was held and the winner, one William Campbell, took Paul's place after some plastic surgery to aid in the cover-up.

Well, it's been thirty years now since the story started and still many try to find clues and unravel the mystery.  

It's almost like Santa Claus....Do you believe???

Check out the "clues" and "truths" and decide for yourself.

The Clues

* would like to state that it neither believes nor disbelieves the story.  Otherwise it wouldn't be any fun, and it adds to part of The Beatles legend.  




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