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Krazyhouse: R1 R2
Club 051
The Cavern Club
The Grafton
Shoot Speed (New)

K2 (aka The Krazyhouse)

Wood Street, Liverpool City Centre
This is a club with two floors of entertainment and a third soon to be opened. Each floor has a different atmosphere, and very different types of music as they have a varied amount of people with a varied selection of taste in music. It was originally a club for the rockers in the area but now anyone goes knowing that the club was and still is a club that is meant for the rock generation!

Of a Thursday night, there are special offers such as buy one, get one free! The music is indie on one floor and pop/dance on the other. Of a Friday night the music is 80's on one floor and indie/rock on the other. On a Saturday night the music is indie/rock on one floor and heavy metal/rock on the other. However the music is mingled from floor to floor through the night..

With a very nice selection of guys (who don't all wear make up!) We have the Student type, mosher type, Rockers, clubbers and your typical babes!!

A club of great atmosphere with no trouble! The Bouncer's are very friendly, polite & cute!!!!

We rate this club very highly, just give it a try, who knows you may end up liking it and go each week. I didn't want to go at first but my friend dragged me and now we are regulars! She's an indie Chick and I'm a pop chick! We have a laugh and a good bop!

Review by: Angels!

CLUB TYPE Rock/Indie Club
TYPICAL REGULARS Young, clubbers & Rockers
OTHER INFO Tel: 0151 708 5016

I WANNA LOVE U UP,drink my love juice Reviewed on Oct:11:2004
KrazyHouseKing Reviewed on Sep:24:2004
i thinks its the best club in Liverpool i go most weekend & the people are so friendly hence i go
My eyes are open Reviewed on Aug:17:2004
3 floors full of people too full of themself, thinking their "alternative" when their really just ignorant.

"Rockers" only go because there's no where else to go with decent music of their liking.
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