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Krazyhouse: R1 R2
Club 051
The Cavern Club
The Grafton
Shoot Speed (New)


Various Locations - Liverpool City Centre

If you like your clubs loud, proud and disgracefully naughty, this is one for you. Garlands is a gay house venue with one of the best atmospheres in the city. But don't worry if you're not gay, the club gets people from right across the board and if you go on a Friday you'll probably be in a mixed club not a gay one.

The door policy tends to be 'glam' not 'labels' which is brilliant, but don't turn up dour faced and checked shirted coz you just won't get in.

The booze is very reasonably priced and the entry fee is competitive which makes it good value for money.

Garlands have been known move venue quite a lot so check their offical web site for details of their latest nights and events.


CLUB TYPE Gay - House, garage and party tunes
TYPICAL REGULARS Mixed but predominately gay clubbers

elaina Reviewed on Nov:23:2004
garlands is da best place 2 go on a sunday had da best nite out!!!!!
ciara and eva Reviewed on Nov:19:2004
ya f**ken ya luved it!!!!!
Mark Kezman Reviewed on Nov:17:2004
Full of queers and birds
staccey an elaine Reviewed on Nov:15:2004
it woz a boss nite everyone is just buzzin there t*ts of.......!!!!!!!!
kayleigh clark Reviewed on Nov:15:2004
this club is boss
teela and chris Reviewed on Nov:08:2004
garlands is the best nite out ever everyone has a laff an every one is off there cake and its such good musik
me Reviewed on Nov:02:2004
napier Reviewed on Oct:31:2004
i h8 queers they shud be shot
linzi Reviewed on Oct:22:2004
chantelle durney does the keyrings and makes it a boss place to go
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