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Clubbing in Liverpool has over the past 20 years gone from good to very good to good again. In the late eighties the notorious Quadrant Park venue was the jewel of the North; in the 90's the world famous Cream invented the Superclub; but since 2k clubbing has become a lot quieter.

This is not in anyway a shot at the clubs still doing it today (Garlands and Society are still ramming them in), but more a sign of the times. Liverpool today has 2-3am bar licencing as do a lot of other UK cities. This allows its punters to drink and dance into the early hours without being rushed to the door by bouncers at 11pm and then queueing for an hour to get into an over-rated, over-priced nightclub. Good in many respects, but this policy has undoubtadly contributed to the demise of the club scene.

The good news is that due to this, Liverpool's bar scene is probably one of the most lively anywhere in the UK and probably the coolest. Some of the city's bars are almost like mini-clubs, the only difference being the size of the dancefloor (which in some places does not matter, i.e. Modo).

But if good old fashioned nightclubs with DJ's and door fees is more your thing, there is still some diamonds in this city which are listed in these pages.

Probably the biggest and most popular nightclub at the time of writing is the charismatic Garlands (Dale Street). With a mixed clientele (gay & straight) the club is repeatledly reinventing itself and pushing the boundaries of cool with orignally themed house nights and events all year round.

Another popular night is Society in Duke Street. Similar to Garlands, in that it targets its marketing at the more glamourous end of the market, the club boasts some great nights and has one of the city's most firendly clienteles.

Whether you just like to bop to the latest pop tune, stomp to some of the best DJ's in the world, or you want to catch one of the latest indie bands, Liverpool still has it all.

TIP - As with most big cities, there are new nights being put on every week - which are usually the coolest nights. So you're best bet is to check flyers in some of the bars listed and just ask about in the Baa Bar, where you'll usually get some good advice to what's hot and what's not.


This guide offers an insiders perspective of Liverpool and Merseyside clubs. The opinions and comments stated are those of the writers and should not be taken as gospel (different persons will obviously like different venues).

Your Input Welcomed

If you would like to comment, add to the guide or simply have a chat with the writers please e-mail us at

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