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Krazyhouse: R1 R2
Club 051
The Cavern Club
The Grafton
Shoot Speed (New)

Club 051

Mount Pleasant, Liverpool City Centre
Club 051, situated in Mount Pleasant, was designed for hardcore clubbers who like their music Dance or House style. Recently re-vamped, the club is looking better than ever inside and is in my opinion one of the best in Merseyside.

The 051 as club really acts as a venue for various Liverpool dance music nights. These change frequently, but nethertheless, the club seems to always keep its character. Predominently full with locals the club is legendary in the Merseyside area and is probably one one of the longest standing. I would reccommend the club to those of you who like your music loud, proud and hard.

For further information and the current DJ line-up please vist their excellent web site at

CLUB TYPE General Hard House and Dance music
TYPICAL REGULARS Local clubbers and odd person from out of town
OTHER INFO Tel: 0151 709 9586

lee_butlers_love_child Reviewed on Nov:26:2004
any1 who doesnt like the 05 doesnt no gd clubbin wen they r in the most popular club in merseyside an not every1 is of there head so get ova it ilove the 05 goin on satdee 27th nov cant w8 just bin paid aswell !!!!
Paul Reviewed on Nov:25:2004
the 05 is decent like but da bad side is its full of -in kids!!! boss music tho!!
katie brown Reviewed on Nov:24:2004
i love the 05 especially the lads and the after parties
Zoe 4rm Hull! Reviewed on Nov:22:2004
I dnt realli kno em! lol! but the ones i have cin so far aint lukin bad!
051 is -e Reviewed on Nov:22:2004
is -e for of nuggets who think there ard, da girls are all sluts and the fellas are nuggets with no hair all of them
kie t Reviewed on Nov:21:2004
sOuNd lUv dA MuSiC
lushus lolly Reviewed on Nov:16:2004
i thought it was full of tits off ther barnet. full of kids and its -
charlie Reviewed on Nov:15:2004
kayleigh sort ya head out ya dirty ho, Missin 05 bad la, MY FELLA GOT ME ON LOCKDOWN NO GOOD IS IT KIDDA
kayleigh clark Reviewed on Nov:15:2004
boss club loads of fit lads
kelly an kayla Reviewed on Nov:15:2004
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