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Today the Liverpool bar is providing a complete alternative to the once favoured night-club, and because of this the bars are now getting bigger and bigger. This is basically carried out to accommodate different tastes from the now varying crowds who reside in these places. Just take a look at the Arena in Concert Square (left) with its massive outdoor area, its small dance floor and its lazy sofas upstairs. This is a prime example of the mainstream club bar taking advantage of the bar's popularity, though one which is a good one may I say.

Newz Bar, Water Street (not usually this empty)

Today there are loads of really good bars in Liverpool, in which the crowds are mostly younger and artier types, students and just you're basic trendies. Some are mainly best before a specific club night while others a full every day of the week. To find out the best time to go to a specific bar see my guide as listed below and also visit the Pub Guide

Where are they?

So you fancy checking out these bars do you, well here's a list of some of the more popular bars in the city:

The Living Room
Victoria Street, L1
'Piano bar' style venue with food and expensive cocktails.

Camel Club
Wood Street, L1
Half bar - half club this one. Nevertheless always a funky nightout.
Baa Bar
Fleet Street, L1
The original and in my opinion, probably the best bar in the city.

Albert Dock, L2
Why not visit Blue and make a right arse of yourself trying to pull that girl from Hollyoaks.


Concert Square, L1
A very popular bar, especially in summer where you can watch the city go by while supping a Mickelob.

Wood Street, L1
Love it... Relaxed bar which tries not to be tooooo serious. Other bars take note!
Pacific Bar
Temple Street, L1
Same old, same old inside, but the clientel is the best you're going to get in this fair city.
Bar Monaco
Albert Dock, L2
Nice plush venue for people with loads of money - not me then!
Newz Bar
18 Water Street, L2
Swish and full of plain totty thinking its posh totty! Kiddin Girls...

Mood Indigo
Matthew Street, L2
Great sound system and nice friendly staff.

Concert Square, L1
Huge bar, but is it a bar?


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