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As most of you who are at this site will know, the majority of people from Liverpool and its suburbs speak a little bit differently to their English counterparts. In fact some people speak 'very' differently to their English counterparts. Therefore, I thought it only right to dedicate a part of the site to those of you who are unfamiliar with the Liverpool dialect - Scouse.

This task was first done by an organisation called Scouse Press (Lern Yerself Scouse) back in 1966 , with updated prints being published every few years.

Copies are usually available in all good tourist shops in and around Merseyside.

To give you a taste of what 'Scousers' speak like below I've listed some translations which I hope help you out or even better try out Whoohoo's excellent scouse translator right.

Scouse/skaus/ n. &adj. colloq n. 1. the dialect of Liverpool. 2. (also Scouser /'skause/) a native of Liverpool. 3. (scouse) = LOBSCOUSE. adj. of or relating to Liverpool.

WINING & DINING (or in the pub)
'Alehouse' - Public House
'Bevey' - Alcoholic beveridge
'Eees/shes paralitic - He/She is very drunk
'Ave gorra gob like an arabs flip flop' - I'm very thirsty
'Gerrim in' - Will you please got to the bar and get a round (each person within the group) of drinks in
'Bladdered' - Very drunk
'Am goin for a Jeff' - I'm going the toilet to urinate
'Scram' - Food
'Butty' - Sandwich
'Chippy' - Takeaway selling selection foods including chipped potatoes

'Cogger or left footer' - Catholic
'Proddy Dog' - Protestant
'Firebobby' - A fireman/fireperson
'Gammy andded' - A left handed person

'De Pool' - The City of Liverpool
'De big ouse' - The Vines Public House (situated in Lime Street - see Pub Guide)
'De Phil' - The Philharmonic Hall or the Philharmonic Pub (situated in Hope Street)
'Kellys's barn' - St Georges Hall
'Parly Street' - Upper Parliment Street
'Over de water' - The Wirral
'Limey' - Lime Street Station and surrounding area
'Tocky' - Toxteth (an area of Liverpool)
'Paddy's Wigwam' - The Metropolitan Cathedral

'Footee' - Football
'Got a proey' - Has anybody got a football programme

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