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On arrival at Liverpool via the M62 there are few obvious features which differentiate Liverpool from any other UK city. Wide roads, masses of concrete, newspaper shops, mega stores, fast food restaurants and the usual littering of local inhabitants are all features of any UK city. But beneath this somewhat familiar guise lies a city with a difference, this is a city with a depth of character which is truly unparalleled 'anywhere' in the world.

Liver Buildings

Liverpool is a city with passions, virtues and traditions, but most of all this is a city which bares its history 'and' its scars to all who want to see. Psychologist and philosopher C.G Jung once described Liverpool as 'the pool of life', and on further probing there is no mistaking his wisdom. Settlement in the city dates back to the 1st century, which by 13th century had developed into a small, but thriving fishing village.

Growth of Liverpool progressed more and more throughout later centuries, before what is heralded as the Liverpool's greatest boom period came - the 17th and 18th centuries. During this period Liverpool was the largest shipping port in the world. It was here that emigrants to Australia and America departed to form the new world, while the potato famined Irish arrived.

Today, as a port Liverpool is second only to London in national importance, and it is the main port for the all major industry in the north of England. That is why Liverpool owes so much to its beloved waterways, which although not as busy as times of late, the remains of once hectic docklands are now at the centre of some of Liverpool's greatest modern developments.

To see these developments or should I say restored developments, my advice is to take the famous ferry trip across the Mersey. It s only then that the overall splendour of the city's waterfront can be admired.

In one sweep you can take in the Cunard building, the Royal Liver building, the Albert Dock and the green domed Port of Liverpool building (also to be added is the forth grace).

Brief History
Brief history of Liverpool and its surrounding areas, including how the city was formed and links to more in depth info

  Liverpool Firsts
Liverpool firsts - an overview of how Liverpool has helped shape the world we live in
Talk Scouse
Learn how the natives speak with this list of essential Liverpool phrases and meanings to boot!

Mersey Books
The latest Merseyside related books reviewed and listed for your convenience. You can also buy online from

Range of maps to view or buy via an online shop - search via street to find the part of the city you're looking for
  Stats & Info
Statistics and general information regarding the UK, Liverpool and Merseyside region. Perfect resource for those school projects. More coming Soon....
Recipe for Scouse
We've been asked for it a million times so here it is.. Mmmmm.
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Cast your vote on issues relevent to the the Merseyside region

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