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Off Queen's Square (next to the Chinese restaurant, TSOs), Liverpool 1.

Born and bred in Liverpool I am now a student in Leeds. Without a doubt, despite the excellent club and pub scene in Leeds it's not a patch on Liverpool's. Dr. Duncan's is a fine example and an unlikel king among pubs. Not known for the excess of babes or young clubbers, it is essentially an old man hangout - with its fair share of students. However, the chilled out atmosphere means there's no intimidation and definitely no "posers".

Everyone gets along, jokes are heard from every table, and it is freakishly easy to get into a conversation with anyone and everyone. The unrivalled range of real ales and the numerous CAMRA awards are, of course, a bonus.

In the view of my friends and myself it has reached cult-status. You may hate it, of course - but at least give it a try!

Review by: Kieran Spillane

Old Man's Retreat
TYPICAL LOCALS Students, clubbers and anyone young and free

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