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This pub has the distinct ambience of the traditional Liverpool drinking hole, yet with a taste of the Irish potato eating native lingering in the peaty air. On first impressions one is not impressed by the physicality of the establishment but upon closer inspection one ususally finds that it is impossible to leave after just the one drink. It has an intoxicating atmosphere of ribald and sometimes vulgar repetoire. Although the wit of Angie the landlady is widely known and her wiseness often sought by less knowledgeable memers of the community. Locally she is thought to be a modern day Lillith or Persephone.

A visit to the 'pool of life is simply not complete without dipping ones toe into Angies' bar. The major drawback however to this truly fabulous hostelry is the sometimes extreme nature of the late night debates of the yokels , sorry locals. There are a number of would be philosophers who frequent and pontificate upon matters of which they are hardly masters. Indeed one likens it to drunken ramblings of a group of drunks who love a good argument. However a night at Angies' is a night well spent.

Old Man's Retreat
TYPICAL LOCALS Scallies, muppets, drunks etc.
OTHER INFO Visit at own peril!

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