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Bold St, Liverpool City Centre

Originally my old post office (and merchant trading hall before that), this modern cafe bar is really popular at the moment in the city centre. Attracting mostly young people the building proudly hosts a restaurant, bar and small night-club, though the night-club is really just a late night drinking den.

The bar area at weekends is packed to the rafters with a mostly 'up for it' crowd taking a night off from their usual night-club debauchery. Liverpool's sexiest elite (self labelled) gather here, so don't be surprised if you don't get in while wearing your favourite football shirt (even if it is the Everton strip). Myself, I like it here after about 11.30 when its less busy and you get a drink in less than an hour, but if you're up to hustle bustle of today's popular bar scene head off here.

The bar has 'properly' trained cocktail staff who tend to annoy you though can sometimes entertain - wanker value. But nethertheless, the drinks are top notch (be warned they are also the most expensive in the city centre). Not many students in here I'm afraid!

Review by Anon

Cafe Bar
TYPICAL LOCALS 21-30 year olds dressed to kill
OTHER INFO Tel: 0151 707 2223

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