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Fleet St (Concert Square), Liverpool City Centre

CONCERT SQUAREContemporary art combined with influences from the French Roccoco period (woooo), the interior in this place is very, very "cool", well it thinks it is! No pretentiousness aside, this bar is actually quite good. The slightly larger sibling of the Baa Bar, Modo is similar but somewhat fresher. You'll most definitely enjoy this bar if you like to natter over a good selection of quality drink.

The bar itself is split into four areas - a small bar upstairs, a main standing area, a main sitting area and another upstairs section with a few comfy couches. If you wanted to you could probably spent an entire night just moving to different areas of the this bar (believe me it has been done).

The crowds in here do amazingly vary from young, old, arty, not-so-arty, gay, straight - there all in here. So if you like to chill with friends in a fairly relaxed atmosphere, before maybe hitting a club, then try it. You 'could' be impressed, I was!

Review: James White

Cosmopolitan/club type bar
TYPICAL LOCALS Quite diverse mix of mainly city dwellers and club types
OTHER INFO Tel: 0151 709 8832

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