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Welcome to the Merseyside Today Pub Guide. Here you'll find a mass reviews detailing the the best boozers in Merseyside. And let me tell you, there plenty out there...hic. Click on you're desired pub and absorb at your leisure the most important information you're ever likely to need. Alternatively, why not submit your favouite pub or bar. You never know, you get a free pint on your next visit! >>> Add a Pub

If there's one thing that most visitors to the Merseyside region will always comment on - its the area's pubs and bars. The Merseyside region and especially Liverpool is awash with them, with one on almost every corner (so to speak).

Merseyside is, without a doubt, a bar hoppers paradise (ask any ex-student!), so whether you're into club bars, bistros, Irish pubs, theme bars, working men's clubs or you just prefer, well, 'normal' pubs, then Merseyside is definitely the place for you.

Its in Merseyside's pub and bars that you'll discover the 'real' Merseyside, the 'alternative' Merseyside. In these pubs and bars (especially the older ones), you'll find little pieces of history everywhere, Whether BALTIC FLEETit be John and Paul's favourite drinking den to the pub where Nelson recruited his crew, it is this side of Liverpool and Merseyside which is almost always overlooked, but nethertheless is the most fun.

Dockside pubs tell of Liverpool's history as a port. These pubs can be found by some of Liverpool's older areas, i.e. in and around Dale Street, near China Town and on Waterloo Road.

The Baltic Fleet located near the Wapping Dock (see pic left) is a perfect example of one of these pubs and is also a joy to visit.

The more famous and historical pubs can be located in the Dale Street area, Hope Street and near Duke Street. Examples include pubs such as: Ye Cracke (Rice Street)and the Jacaranda (Slater Street) are old Beatles haunts. Rigby's Hotel (Dale Street) has a massive collection of old Nelson relics. And the Poste House was where Napoleon used sink one or two between voyages.

Liverpool is also home to some of England's most beautiful Edwardian style pubs. Classics include the Vines (or the Big House as known to the locals) in Lime Street, the Philharmonic (Hope Street) and the Crown. These pubs are truly magnificent in architectural design and have great feel about them.

Bar culture has also thrived in the Merseyside region. Bars of various types have popped up all over the region in recent years as the peoples tastes have diversified. These tend to cater for the younger customer, but more and more Americanised bars have emerged which seem to attract young and old alike. A brief overview of the city's bars can be viewed here


The Globe
The Philharmonic
The Cambridge
Roscoe Head
The Vines
Augustous John
The Dispensary
Slaters Bar
The Willow Bank
The Lamb
Bridge Inn (Walton)
The Poste House
Shanks Bar
Coach & Horses
The Albert
The Monroe
The Atlantic & Iron Horse
Dr Duncans

The Railway
The Victoria

Edwards (Bold St)
Baa Bar
Life Cafe Bar
Varsity R1 l R2 l R3
Edwards Bar (T'ple C't)
The Grapes
Yates (Allerton Road)
Head of Steam
Its a Scream
Mellow Mellow
Blundell Street
Stamps Wine Bar
The Liffey Arms

Flanagans Apple


Blue Angel
Lennons Bar
The Rubber Soul

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