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Merseyside Gigs
In recent years the city has had somewhat of a rebirth when it comes to music venues/night clubs. With new venues popping up each week its sometimes hard to keep track of the best (and the worst). Liverpool itself is currently undergoing a bit of a musical transformation. After years of only having '4-peice' rock & roll acts to pick from, the city has somewhat moved on to fresher fields.

With the emergence of new musical genres and cultures the city has seen its musical wealth flourish. This has resulted in whole new musical scenes being created and to support these - excellent new venues.

L2, Hotham Street
One of the newest an arguably the best venue, L2 plays the newest live music by only the best live bands. Here you can see the likes of Space, The Charlatons, Travis, Shed Seven etc. The venue also hosts various club nights (some with live music) where you can choose what type of music you would like to listen to by choosing one of its three floors. There's always a decent atmosphere here and you don't have to look like David Beckham to get in. Check out the indie night on a Thursday - Classic

THE PICKET, Hardman Street, City Centre
Another good venue though smaller, is the Flying Picket on Hardman Street. Here you'll hear the best (and the worst) of Liverpool's current up and coming talent. i.e. "The She" one of the city's best bands ever! Space and Cast were past regular performers at this venue, which says a lot for its pedigree. There's also a dodgy little boozer downstairs to get you in the mood, hic!

THE ROYAL COURT, Roe Street, City Centre
The other and, at the moment the largest Liverpool music venue (Liverpool desperately needs a small arena type venue for bigger acts), the Royal Court has over the years seen 1000's of bands pass through its doors, from Iron Maiden to the Orb. Its supposedly being renovated soon, but to tell the truth they would be better off pulling the whole thing down and starting again!

LIFE CAFE BAR, Bold Street, City Centre
Usually downstairs at Life (check dates at club), you'll find some damn decent acts, as well as some very different acts. This comes as quite a shock when you witness the size of the place - tiny. Acts who have played this tiny venue include Lisa Stansfield and Echo & the Bunnymen. Cosy...

THE KRAZYHOUSE - K2, Wood Street
A great rock and indie venue which hosts both gigs and club nights, the latter being quite scary at times. That is if you don't like heavy metal and people in leather!

THE CAVERN, Mathew Street
It had to be listed, didn't it? For lovers of the Beatles and 60's music alike their is no comparison to Liverpool in the world! If this is you're thing then you should head off down to Matthew Street where you will be confronted by a mass of 60's style pubs and clubs playing music all day long. You'll probably bump into a club called the Cavern too. Well though its not the 'real' Beatles one it has still been temporary home to many other bands. Though, the Cavern is mostly a nightclub these days, if you keep your eyes open you do get the odd decent band playing there.

ZANZIBAR, Seel Street, City Centre
This is the for the funkier of us. The Zanzibar located probably in the coolest part of the city, is well, cool. The venue hosts some of the best contemporary Jazz bands you'll find anywhere, as well as funk, soul and every other black based musical genre you can shake a stick at. Take a partner one weekend they might like it!

HEEBIEJEEBEES, Seel Street, City Centre
Not too far from the above club, this place is quite similar, but probably more Jazz orientated. I particularly like this one due to its somewhat unusual mix of people, young and old enjoying themselves together. The place also has a great atmosphere where you can dance the night away to the sound of some of the city's best Jazz artists.

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