Do you doodle, or find that you have drawn a picture while your supposed to be studying?  We have!!  Well if you happened to have drawn The Beatles or something Beatles related...SHARE IT!!  See what we've already been sent below.

It's easy, just scan it and e-mail it to us or use the regular mail and we will post your pictures.   Don't forget to give us your name and age. *(We will not post your email address or last name.  If you mail it to us, let us know if you want it back, and don't forget your address.) 


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* reserves the right to review and/or edit all submissions before posting* 


Here are some wonderful drawings by Michael in New Zealand (Age 11). 

11 year old Joshua of Texas, USA sent us these great drawings of John Lennon and some folks from Pepperland.  Thanks Josh

This picture is also featured on the Christmas album page.  One of Lauren's friends drew this.  Thanks again Lauren. 

A group shot of the Fab 4 by Lauren.

(Get Back to your homework)

Thanks Meave for the great drawings of John and Paul

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