Yesterday And Today




Drive My Car

I'm Only Sleeping

Nowhere Man

Dr. Robert


Act Naturally

And Your Bird Can Sing

If I Needed Someone

We Can Work It Out

What Goes On

Day Tripper



(aka The Butcher Cover)

This highly controversial and highly collectable album was released in 1966.  It was produced by George Martin and was created by Capitol Records for U.S. distribution.  It is a compilation of various British releases.

The original cover photo ("Butcher Cover") depicts The Beatles as butchers.  They were strewn with broken dolls' bodies and raw meat.  Although it is sometimes thought that they made this cover to protest the way Capitol had "butchered" their album, it was, in fact, Capitol who chose this photo to use as the cover.  The Beatles had the photo taken as a  break from the boredom of publicity shots that they took so often.  

The album was immediately recalled and the label was covered over with the "trunk" cover.  It is reported that none of the "Butcher Cover" albums ever reached stores and were only distributed to radio stations.  Although some can be found, most of them are now a "peeled" version.  All versions of this album are collectable and can be worth a lot. 


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