Eleanor Rigby

I'm Only Sleeping

Love You To

Here, There and Everywhere

Yellow Submarine

She Said, She Said

Good Day Sunshine

And Your Bird Can Sing

For No One

Dr. Robert

I Want to Tell You

Got To Get You Into My Life

Tomorrow Never Knows




This album was released in 1966 and took one month to record.  Produced by George Martin, it was the last to have a different US and European versions.  

Contrary to popular belief the title "Revolver" refers to a record spinning around on a turntable rather than a gun.    

The Beatles individual musical preferences can be heard clearly on this album, with the contrasting styles.  George is given more room for his work on this album, (with 3 songs) than on previous ones.

The U.S. version lacked:

  • I'm Only Sleeping
  • And Your Bird Can Sing
  • Dr. Robert

The album won a Grammy Award.



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