A Hard Day's Night



A Hard Day's Night


I Should Have Know Better


If I Fell


I'm Happy Just To Dance With You


And I Love Her


Tell Me Why


Can't Buy Me Love


Any Time At All


I'll Cry Instead


Things We Said Today


When I Get Home


You Can't Do That


I'll Be Back


This is the soundtrack album for the movie "A Hard Day's Night".  Released in 1964 and produced by George Martin, each song on the album was recorded in one day as The Beatles were pressed for time.   They had to meet a deadline to coincide with the release of the movie.

The tracks listed on the left are from the British release of the album.  The U.S. version included these instrumental versions of:

  • "A Hard Day's Night"
  • "I Should Have Known Better"
  •  "And I Love Her"
  • "Ringo's Theme"

Missing from the U.S. version were:

  • "Anytime At All"
  • "Things We Said Today"
  • "When I Get Home"
  • "You Can't Do That"
  • "I'll Be Back"

The George Martin Orchestra performs the instrumentals on the U.S. album.


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